Why I’m Good at Being Late (and Sony Ericsson K600i is One of The Buggiest Mobile Phones Ever)

I’m sooo good at being late, for work, for school, for college, for dates, basically for anything. Some factors:

  1. I need lots of sleep, 12 hours or more. This makes it hard for me to get up in the morning.
  2. I need to be waken progressively. This is a physiological defect in my body. I have to be waken, then snoozed, waken, snoozed, a few times before I can become fully awake.
  3. I don’t want to get up too early. I like to wake up during the “perfect period”.
  4. My family doesn’t care about this. They alert me around 1-2 hours before the actual event and then forgets.
  5. The stupidest thing: My Sony Ericsson K600i’s alarm is flawed, by far the most ridiculous and dangerous factor of all of the above. When I snoozed it, it’ll wait 9 minutes before waking me back. But there are times when I snoozed it and it never wakes up again. But the “alarm” icon is still there. Among of the other defects this phone has (it restarted during the first 24 hours of operation after I bought it, and several more times later), it certainly is the buggiest phone I’ve ever had. The value/features is quite good though, if only it works right.

The solution(s):

  1. Fix my family. Will never happen. I’ll definitely try to find a wife that understands this. Or maybe not try, REQUIRE.
  2. Fix my phone. Maybe get a fixed firmware or buy another new (hopefully not flawed) phone. Not a very good solution for a simple (yet disastrous) problem.
  3. Fix myself. Generally hard. I’ve had all the defects myself: habitual, behavioral, and physiological / bodily.

Still stuck at the moment. ๐Ÿ™

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Sambil Menyelam Minum Air == Cari Duit…

Ah… meskipun aku di sini udah kerja, tapi nggak ada salahnya kan nyoba2 cari duit tambahan. Emang sih kerja di sini nggak banyak dapetnya (kayanya semua orang bilang gitu deh ya…) tapi yang enak di sini tuh ada koneksi Internet yang sering bisa dipake kalo warnetnya lagi nggak 100% penuh plus akhir2 ini aku jarang dikasih kerjaan (programming). Jadi bisa bebas menjelajah dunia maya, belajar, dan bereksperimen…

Eksperimenku cari duit yang pertama duluuuu banget waktu SMA tuh bikin program bernama MidMaze, semacam Winamp. Dijual shareware seharga US $20, lumayan bisa dapet beberapa ratus ribu sampai lebih dari sejuta setelah beberapa bulan. Tapi akhirnya kandas juga, terlalu menyita waktu & tenaga apalagi pikiran.

Yang sudah berjalan kira2 setahun tuh masang banner Google AdSense di GaulDong. Emang sih nggak banyak, satu kali cek cair harus nunggu ngumpulin sen demi sen selama kira2 4 bulan, itupun pas ngecairin cek dipalak US$ 30 dulu ama Bank Mandiri. Ya nggak papa… yang penting dapet. GaulDong sendiri sudah beberapa kali terseok2, gara2 PHP 5 nggak jalan mulus padahal seluruh enginenya udah diupgrade pake PHP 5, akhirnya mbikin script dari awal pake PHP 4 yang sederhana, jadinya ya seperti yang ada sekarang ini. Tapi ternyata pengunjungnya masih ada aja, dan masih ada yang berbaik hati mau ngeklik bannernya Google AdSense. Saya amat bersyukur…

Dari situ saya mencoba untuk cari duit dengan cara lain tapi nggak jauh2 dari AdSense. Bikin blog… Yang saya seriusin sekarang adalah blog Web 2.0 with Ruby on Rails, tapi saya juga masang banner di semua blog saya yang lain termasuk blog pribadi ini dan blog Jejak Petualang Ubuntu. Bahkan (sssttt… rahasia lho) saya juga bikin blog yang isinya “menegangkan”… linknya untuk sementara nggak akan saya kasih langsung di sini tapi kalo mau tahu bisa didapetin dari Kaskus maupun BlueFame.

Selain Google AdSense, saya lagi mencoba pake Amazon.com Affiliate. Trus lagi mencoba advertising network yang lain seperti AdBrite (untuk topik umum) dan AVNads (untuk yang “menegangkan”). RSS feed telah saya ubah agar memakai FeedBurner, jadi pelanggannya bisa di-tracking (itupun kalo ada yang berlangganan, *sigh*).

Bila FeedBurner untuk tracking statistik RSS feed, untuk tracking website sendiri saya menggunakan Google Analytics. Ada juga sih yang lain yaitu CrazyEgg tapi kegunaannya sedikit berbeda dan CrazyEgg mempunyai keterbatasan kalo versi free-nya.

Ah… Segitu aja deh laporan saya kali ini… Nyari duit kaya gini 100% halal lho, nggak ada MLM-nya sama sekali… Dan yang paling penting, fun, nggak dikejar target… Saya ngeblog pun menulis topik2 yang saya suka. Kalo dapet duit ya Alhamdulillaah, kalo nggak dapet ya paling2 males ngeblog lagi hehehe… ๐Ÿ˜› Kalo Anda belum mencoba dan pingin mencoba, monggo saja… Kalo Anda sudah mencoba dan dapat duit banyak, bagi2 dong tipsnya!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Free Promotion: Digg, Slashdot, Del.icio.us, Technorati, Furl, …

There are several ways you can promote your site or a page in your site for free, that may drive some traffic or maybe lots (if you’re lucky and the quality of your content is high), some of them are:

Note that in community-based services like Digg and Slashdot, you’ll most likely get negative results if you try to abuse it. As long as you stay within limits you’ll be loved by the community.

Google Analytics ROCKS!!

Despite some bad things I’ve heard about Google Analytics, my first impressions about it is that it’s an excellent tool. I’ve had used AWStats and Webalizer before, and I’ve had to say Google Analytics somewhat ate them all right from the front overview page:

You’ll immediately notice that the site still has low number of visitors, even there’s no history data since I’ve just started using it only very recently… not to mention that the site itself is also new. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But the point is that Google Analytics works and the reports are very useful. Using it is also very easy, too, just sign up then copy-paste the generated code into all of your pages (or your footer HTML template), and you’re done.

JotSpot vs. Backpack

Looking for a personal productivity tool?

I’ve been a user of Backpack since a long time ago… Didn’t use it that much but it was helpful.

After that I signed up in Wetpaint. This is seriously a very nice service, great looking site and themes, very easy to use, quick, and useful. (currently I can’t get “remember me” login option to work).

Then I “found” JotSpot (actually I’ve heard about it for quite some time but just had the time to actually sign up and try it). Looks like the features are massive. Let’s see if it’s really as good as I’ve heard…

UPDATE: “You’ve signed up for the FREE Personal plan which allows you to invite up to 5 users and create up to 10 pages. Your JotSpot will remain free as long as you stay within these limits.”

Sorry, I guess I’ll pass. Back to Backpack. ๐Ÿ˜‰

1001 Rules : good enough or not good enough?

1001 Rules adalah ide untuk sebuah situs di mana anggotanya dapat membuat daftar “Top 10” (nggak harus 10 sih) untuk hal2 yang bagi dia menarik, misalnya:

  • Top 10 Rules of Dating (contoh di mock-up tersebut)
  • Top Movies
  • Top Artists
  • Top Romantic Songs
  • The Worst News Events Ever!!!

Ide dasarnya sih seperti itu, dilengkapi dengan fasilitas social networking standar tentunya. Sepertinya bagus nggak ya?

Ini baru salut gw….

Wah keren….. kapan ya gw bisa kayak ini. Gw lebih salut orang2 yang punya ide seperti ini daripada yang bersedekah secara langsung. “Memberi kail bukan memberi ikan”, tapi bukan lintah darat lho…
Arab News:

The Bangladeshi founder of a bank that specializes in helping the poor access microbusiness loans without collateral won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Muhammad Yunus, the 65-year-old economist who has been dubbed the โ€œbanker to the poorโ€, and his Grameen Bank that he founded in 1983 will share the $1.4 million prize.

In his acceptance speech, Yunus said he would use the prize money to develop high-nutrition low-cost food for the poor.

โ€œEvery single individual on earth has both the potential and the right to live a decent life,โ€ the Nobel Committee said in its citation. โ€œAcross cultures and civilizations, Yunus and Grameen Bank have shown that even the poorest of the poor can work to bring about their own development.โ€

Loans go toward buying items such as cows to start a dairy, chickens for an egg business, or mobile phones to start businesses where villagers who have no access to phones pay a small fee to make calls. Grameen Bank was the first lender to hand out microcredit, giving very small loans to poor Bangladeshis who did not qualify for loans from conventional banks.

Photo by EPA.

Making History

Okay, so this will be my first official blog.

I’ve got and tried several blogs:

I seriously believe that most web-savvy people will have at least tens of blogs, either intentionally or not.

Anyways this will be my current personal blog for now. I will continue to have more blogs as time permits. I also have had another blog for the operating system I’m currently using: My Ubuntu blog.

So much for blogging… ๐Ÿ™