Philanthropist Am I?

I may be too self-centric, but sometimes I think myself as a philanthropist. Not exactly, though. I’m not very fond of giving money to others, but other things, that can’t be counted, measured, or exchanged, by money.

In my mind, I like to be an altruist. At least among my friends. This has proven to be very inconvenient and unsatisfactory both for me (especially) and for others. The “I didn’t ask for your help, did I?” line in Crash definitely confirms this, and I have to realize my mistake, then do something about it.

I think I need to switch my mindset, to reciprocal altruism or Tit for tat. I’ve been doing “tit for tat” to a few people when I realize that they don’t realize that what I’m doing to them is exactly (or at least similar to) what they have been doing to me. But The Evolution of Cooperation has proven that “tit for tat” is one of the (if not the) best strategy for this problem.

Even until now, though, every strategy I used seem to be failing in many ways. I might as well just be an egoist, as many people already think of me that way.

Lex Luthor used to be somewhat altruistic and philanthropic. But his life experiences has failed him, and eventually turned him to what he becomes–vicious, ruthless, merciless criminal mastermind. It’s quite likely that I will somewhat follow Lex’s path. I hope someday I’ll be able to discuss my similarities to Lex.

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Planck’s Constant .Org

I love Planck’s Constant!

What a wonderful world Israelis have

If only you’d be very open minded… 🙂

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“I Didn’t Ask for Your Help, Did I?”

Last night I watched Crash, Eel‘s favorite movie. It’s a movie about life, how we collide into other people’s lives, and how people deal with it.

Conclusion: It’s an excellent movie. Lots of magic moments in this movie (seriously! The touching, “oh-pretty-please-no” kind of scenes are there.) About 95% of the movie deals with racism, but it’s somewhat an understandable base for discussing prejudice. It happens everywhere in the real world.

My most favorite line is “I didn’t ask for your help, did I?” when a white policeman honestly tried to defend a black guy. I had lots of people saying that (indirectly) to me. It’s very true, an unfortunate truth. 🙁

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I’m Quitting This Job, ASAP!

You heard me. It’s official, starting from yesterday I got no Internet access. 🙁

Restricting Internet access to me is like forbidding me to read books. Unacceptable employer behavior.

Sure, there are downsides of unrestricted Internet access. Especially if used irresponsibly or abused. In my case, though, I think the damage for restricting me far outweighs its “advantages.”

Who cares, it’s their company, not mine. If I would ever have my own company, I imagine enjoyment and productivity of its team members (not “employees”), will be numero uno, not formal restrictions, rules, and laws. I’m not sure if that will work, but I hope someday I will have the chance to test my theory. In my view, a good organization should be based more on trust rather than respect.

Unfortunately, though, I currently don’t have [yet] a steady income, so I’ll stick to this job until a better solution comes along…

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Unique, Interesting, Amusing, Or…?

Baru2 ini gw “ketemu” ama seseorang… Nggak “ketemu” sih karena ketemunya virtual nggak secara langsung…

Cuma, hal pertama yang muncul di benakku adalah, orang ini… “menarik.” Unique? Tentu saja, semua orang unique. Of literally thousands of persons I personally met and touched; this person, even though “unseen”… maybe a uniquest of the uniques. 😉

It almost feels like diajak berjalan2 ke dunia lain yang sangat berbeda, dan kupikir jauh lebih indah dari apa yang selalu terpikir olehku. Sayangnya, bayangan dia sendiri sepertinya nggak seperti itu. Ada… “krisis,” mungkin orang bilangnya…

Sayangnya lagi, sangat sulit bagiku untuk sekedar “mengungkapkan” how much I appreciate being accompanied by this person. How I enjoyed every word this person uttered through the chatbox. “Bagai salju dan matahari,” mungkin…

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Re: Democracy, Poverty & Radical Politics

A response to Democracy, Poverty & Radical Politics at Mr. Juwono Sudarsono’s web site:

Aside from extremely religious-istic followers, one thing I find quite disturbing of Indonesian people (not just poor ones) is “regionalism” or “ethnicism” (“kita orang Jawa, kita harus bla…bla…bla”). So much that they force their beliefs upon others. Communities are becoming more and more heterogeous each day, and forcing your beliefs, opinions, and behaviors upon others is, I think, critically interferes with basic human rights. In my observation, our people have somewhat the highest level of prejudice in the whole world.

BTW, I was surprised (and delighted) that our Defense Minister has a blog (although it doesn’t seem to have new posts very often.) But it’s definitely a good thing, considering the current highly unreliable, erroneous state of POLRI’s Information Systems. (so, Mr. Sudarsono, this is within your authority, isn’t it?) 😉

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What It’s All About, Alfie? A Five-Star Movie!

I can’t seem to think reasonably where to start or conclude this movie’s review with. But to make the long story short, in my view this is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, and certainly the best in its genre. The movie is not only entertaining, beautifully crafted and art directed, with top-of-the-notch acting (you’re talking about Jude Law here), there are also lots, and lots of lessons of life (philosophies, etc.) in this movie. If you want to know why, and you don’t mind getting some light spoilers, then read on…

As a side note, this movie is a remake of an old movie of the same title, which I didn’t watch (and don’t intend to). I found this movie out of entirely coincidence, I didn’t read any reviews before seeing this movie, I just saw it in the shelves, I read the back cover, and I thought I would give it a try. I was so glad I did.

I usually begin my reviews by commenting (and/or criticizing) about the most important crews: the director, the art director, the storywriter, the cameramen, the sound director… To say that all of them did their job well is clearly an understatement. I was totally immersed into the movie, and everything just fits so well. The music, the cinematography, the colors, the sound, the dialogue, the style, … There are lots and lots of detail to observe, and they just fit in. Nothing seems out-of-place in this movie. A brilliant composition in cinematic quality, and a very good storyline in itself. Note that the “story” may be nothing extraordinary, but the way it’s presented, and the lessons to be learned from the storytelling, it’s what the real masterpiece here.

Alfred Elkins, but just call him Alfie

The first and foremost character, and is also the best-portrayed in this movie, is Alfie (Jude Law). Even if he can’t act, I’d still cast him as the primary role because he’s just so… Alfie! Jude Law did a very, very wonderful job in this movie. The task is more than difficult: a very cheerful, confident metrosexual man, who gets caught in depressing situations at times, plus… he narrates the movie. The narrating part is the most surprising. Most movies will try to immerse you in the movie by separating the scene from the “real world” (which is you, the movie audience). Alfie does it in a completely different way, he tells you every bit of detail of what he thinks and does, while staring right at your eyes. This is played beautifully that the effect is, while you still think you’re watching a movie, you also feel what Alfie feels throughout the movie.

Alfie is very much not the typical type of guys in Indonesia. And I wish never (or no women will ever find me attractive.) There are lots of things to like about Alfie, at least in my view. He’s kind, sincere, radiates warm comfortable feeling, likes to have fun and loves to brighten the days of everyone (especially attractive women) around him. There are also things to hate about Alfie, and again, in my view, they’re understandable. Women want commitment and he doesn’t (currently). The real problem is his extremely hedonistic philosophy. Why make something that’s still fun… difficult? Why “end” something that both of us enjoy together and replace it with something much, much more problematic (i.e. the institution of marriage)?

Alfie’s character, including Jude Law himself, is definitely my role model, to some extent. The way he talks, walks, moves, kisses,… everything , including his clothing, is a very good example to be a man that easily attracts most women (including in Indonesia.) I say that because even though if you site behind a desk all day long and you never go out, and you still have a chance getting a girl, you’ll have a hard time beating the record of an Alfie-ish guy. Plus, with all the experience Alfie has with girls, there is no doubt he has a deeper understanding of [most] women’s complexity than the average men.

There are lots and lots of highly quotable phrases in this movie. I don’t know where to start, even the first sentence in the movie, “You’re lucky you know. I rarely allow anyone into my flat,” is definitely quotable. It implies his cool, confident, and cocky attitude in words that… how should I say this, “nonverbal” words. It’s like communicating the “I am cocky but funny, arrogant but friendly, confident but humble,” without saying these exact words, actually far from these concrete words. “You’re lucky” represents his appreciation and respect to the one he talks to (the movie audience). “I rarely allow anyone” implies that he’s hard to get, not cheap, confident, cocky, a bit arrogant, but still compliments you because you’re one of the rare ones. “…into my flat,” signifies his honesty (he lives in a flat, not an apartment, and he said that directly without any word manipulation), humility (that he’s a simple man, average worker that isn’t an owner of a Fortune 500 company), and again… very high self-confidence. (he doesn’t feel that living in a flat is something “embarassing.”) This one simple sentence, is far, far from the general attitude of Indonesian men. And with all the prejudice most Indonesian people have, it’s quite hard to do so.

If you think the first words were the only good line, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are several popularly known truisms in this movie, like “Never expect any thanks in this life,” and “No good deed goes unpunished.” But many many quotable lines in this movie are original, and they’re so good that I’d say almost every line in this movie is individually crafted to perfection, thenintegrated with the rest of the movie. And yet, the movie doesn’t sound at all like a Shakespeare play, it’s still the old-fashioned modern American-English life casual talks, and funny. Alfie also likes to drop in “sophisticated” words at times, I like it so much! A line such as:”And with such a plethora–calendar word meaning “abundance”, of gorgeousness and diversity– well, how could a man ever choose to settle down with just one?” has many things to say, but it expresses Alfie’s underlying philosophy, in a friendly, casual, and non-intimidating way.


She’s the first girl you’ll meet in this movie. Although there are plenty of beauties in this movie, and some exposed skin as well, I have to stress that for me, they’re definitely not the main attraction of this movie. It’s still Alfie, and the people that “revolve” around him (at least, he thinks so.) The women are there because they’re needed, they’re very important, and without them Alfie will have no story to tell you (of course.)

Dorie kinda’ remembered me of a friend of mine, and she’s definitely one of the most typical stereotypes of women life in many places… including Indonesia. Married, but doesn’t get exactly what she “wants.” She’s open to alternatives, and actually are excited if there is any. And she’s willing to give everything she has. She is also not very demanding, sweet, and quite sincere in some ways.


She’s the “second” girl, although she’s somewhat Alfie’s official girlfriend at a time. She’s also a typical stereotype of girls… and I’ve personally met [lots of?] girls like her: “Do we have something here, or I am just a glorified… booty call?” I (in real life) always respond to that right question with the wrong answers, but Alfie’s resolution to that is definitely the most elegant, manly one, that really fits his style.

She’s a somewhat demanding type, likes exciting stuff, doesn’t hide her feelings and her desires. She can be very cheerful and fun. But she can be very dreadful, and easily hurted. And once you did that to her, you’ve lost her forever. She expects pure loyalty, commitment, faith, and trust, (because these are her own values and principles in life) and doesn’t tolerate any deviation.


I don’t really “like” her… physically, that is my highly subjective personal opinion, but is in no way represents her quality or her role in this movie. She, and Nikki, are the most critical and most well-acted female characters in this movie. Lonette’s character is arguably the most central female role in this movie, and is the one with the highest conflict meter. Nia Long, the actress who portrayed Lonette, has a much, much heavier burden than Julie Estelle (Alex) in Alexandria. The difference is like comparing diamond to dirt in Jupiter: Nia Long shines sympathetically, and Julie Estelle can keep doing her terrible performance for herself while the public still likes her pretty face.

Lonette’s experience is definitely the prime case of “Never trust women” philosophy, that I personally [should have] held very dearly. It’s the ancient “Adam & Eve” irony, plottified and dramatized, and still portrays a similar message: Be careful with women, you may get everything you wished for, and then some more.


Nikki’s role is very critical, and is probably the only female role in this movie that actually tries to “understand” what’s going on from a woman’s perspective. For the most part of the movie you’ll only be given the Alfie’s world from Alfie’s point of view, except when Nikki kicks in. Her role is so touching, that you’ll begin to sympathize with her, and in some way you may start to dislike Alfie (if you haven’t already up to this point). This is natural, and definitely is what the director and storywriter intended.

I’m not sure if I have met a “real” Nikki in my life, but I’m definitely looking forward to. She’s an angel with broken wings, if you cure her wounds, she’ll be the most angelic, loyal, female soul mate you’ll ever have for your entire life… until you told her to go. I’m beginning to think that I’ve ever lost one (or more?) myself… 🙁


This is the girl, err… woman, I can’t [ever] understand. Out of this world, at least, my world. I can’t comment much on her role, but she’s perfect for the purpose of ending the movie. I used to say to my friend, “A friend can be your worst enemy, when they left you, or even betrayed you, for their own sake. An enemy will always be your best friend, for they’ll always tell the truth about your bad sides.” It’s so true (what I said), when I think of Liz as Alfie’s “enemy.” Alfie’s friends and past girls are actually his “enemies,” because they loved him so much “as he is” and left him when something went “wrong.” Liz, on the other hand, stands apart and with her help can only Alfie realize his own weaknesses, the ones he blatantly ignored for so long.


Oh, no, it’s not just about the women… There’s a very, very deep lesson of true friendship here. Marlon is Alfie’s best friend, soul mate, … turned to… well, you can guess what. It’s hard to comment about this, but the actor plays this role very well, and it’s seriously a goddamn hard role as seen in the screen shot.

The Conclusion

This movie isn’t for everyone. Especially not everyone in Indonesia. But this movie has a very special place in my heart. If you try to keep your judging aside, you’ll enjoy this movie and can truly appreciate the all the philosophical ideas in this movie. The movie doesn’t, and never does, try to tell you “this is right” or “that is wrong,” but shows you what could happen… and let the audience decide for themselves which one(s) is better. The first words heard I the movie, which are also some of the last words before credits, which are also the tag line, “What it’s all about?” pretty much sums it all. It suggests that you rethink what you’ve done all this time, whether you’ll be happy later after you’ve achieved all your goals [that you think will make you the happiest person on earth?]… or will you feel empty, left behind, unsatisfied, and (in worse situations) devastated?

If you’re seeing this movie just to have fun with your friends, I’d say you won’t be bored by this movie. But if you can make up an open mind, let the flow of the movie immerses you deep within, and then add the experience you feel from this movie to your ever-expanding understanding of the “purpose of Life,” then you’ll truly appreciate this movie.

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Alexandria, The Movie: A Review


I can’t find anything I could love about this movie. Serius. Terutama setelah nonton I Love You, Om! yang kualitasnya jauh, jauh banget di atas film ini. (Seperti bandingin langit dengan selokan.) Ok, sutradara dan pengarah seni-nya emang keren. Banget. Sorry, kameramen, entah sengaja atau tidak, sering sekali nggak fokus ama tokoh yang sedang di-shoot. Kalo emang sengaja, what for? They certainly have no effect other than worsening the viewing experience. (Kebanyakan film berusaha untuk membuat penontonnya terbuai dalam alunan cerita film, yang ini, malah membuatmu bengong dan berpikir, “Kenapa sih lensanya ngeblur?”) Kalo nggak sengaja, gw nggak tahu tu kameramen belajar nge-shoot dari mana.


Dari semua tokoh, cuma si Rafi (Fachri Albar) yang kusuka, yang baik secara fisik maupun akting, cocok banget ama perannya.

His style is so Alfie, I love it (to some extent)! He (Rafi) and Alfie are definitely my role models, in addition to Om Gaza in I Love You, Om! Although, kalo si Rafi agak mengurangi gesture-nya yang kecewek2an itu, pasti lebih keren lagi (tapi mungkin aja sih itu emang arahan sutradara, dan gw sama sekali nggak keberatan dengan itu). Akting dia bagus banget, meski menurut gw kadang2 sedikit overacting pada adegan2 tertentu terutama pas dia sedih, gugup, dsb. Dugaan gw mungkin itu karena paksaan sutradara dan sebenarnya si aktor pingin aktingnya lebih gentle dikit. And his clothing! I’m crazy about it! So perfect!

To storywriter: Rafi doesn’t punch his friends. No way. It’s not him. He shouldn’t have done that even if Bagas punched him first. The pre-ending confirms this, after Alex is put into the ICU, Rafi doesn’t do anything, not even move. (or maybe the scene is just cut.) Pada adegan di mana Alex “menceritakan segalanya”, Rafi sempat naik pitam, tapi nggak terlalu… That one is understandable. Adegan perkelahian di “tempat brushing” bener2 merusak karakter Rafi. Gw gak rela. 🙁


Trus… Julie Estelle, cewek yang meranin Alexandria, oh… she’s an actress? I didn’t notice that.

Dan pliz deh story writer, if you’re actually a professional of any kind, you would care to silence your cell phone before a meeting, wouldn’t you? Nggak dengan Alex, yang cuek aja menerima telepon in the middle of a meeting dan tetap keukeuh untuk nggak mematikan HP-nya setelah itu. Alex juga nyantai aja ngutak2 HP saat bimbingan skripsi ama dosen pembimbing, ditambah lagi skripsinya udah telat. Dan kalo kamu bener2 bete gara2 dikerjain, tolong ya Alex, masa sih kamu nggak sempet nyimpen nomor HP tukang ngerjain itu? Reaksi Alex pada saat tahu Rafi punya bayi aborsi, bener2 “unbelievable”. Bukan karena script-nya, tapi lebih karena akting si cewek pemeran Alex sendiri, yang menurut gw tim Spontan Uhui bakal bisa lebih menjiwai.

You’re ruining the only most climax moments of the movie and you’re not guilty enough to the be primary actress of this movie? Yup, sadly unbelievable but true. (Masih dalam adegan yang sama, cewek yang meranin Dhira juga nggak terlalu berkesan aktingnya, meski kuakui much better than Alex…) Dan BTW, gue baru tau kalo bayi-bayi hasil aborsi dikubur di pemakaman umum, yach? Rafi definitely wasn’t suspicious about that. 😉


Bagas (nama aktornya Marcel siapa gitu) bener2 sulit dipercaya ada di film ini, mungkin di novelnya bagus kali ye tapi screenplay-nya jelas2 sulit dipercaya.

Cowok sekeren itu, dengan hobi paintbrushing, jurusan visual design (bener ngga?), bisa “jomblo” terus? Sori deh, masa sih dari kecil temen dia cuma Rafi doang? Seorang brusher nggak punya geng, come on… get just a bit realistic please!! Dan lebih parahnya lagi, gw nggak pernah bisa bersimpati sedikit pun dengan tokoh satu ini karena dia nggak pernah deket ama Alex, tahu-tahu Rafi udah tunangan ma Alex. Hello? Where is the story, director? (Believe it or not, I think the story in Serendipity is much more believable). Cowok dengan attitude se-cool, calm, & confident seperti ini, bisa nggak sanggup ngutarain cinta? Are you out of your mind, director? (Sebagai perbandingan, figur Davi di I Love You, Om! sangat-sangat bisa dipercaya.)

Dan satu lagi, either Bagas is gay, or he thinks Alex is transsexual, yang membuat semua cewek2 cakep di sekitarnya terlihat nggak menarik sama sekali bagi si Bagas. Brilliant twist.

Add to that, si Alex sama sekali nggak care (ato pura-pura nggak tahu?) kalo Bagas suka sama dia. Sebenarnya itu nggak masalah, kalo Alex suka ama Bagas, sikapnya nggak mungkin kaya yang diilustrasikan di film ini. You haven’t actually knew any girl in your life, uh story writer? Plot seperti ini bisa dipercaya untuk film Bintang Jatuh (di mana si cowok yang nggak tahu kalo si cewek, err… Dian Sastro, suka ama dia). Tapi reversing their roles does not work well here, nggak mungkin buanget getoh… And with all that “Alex.. uh… Alex… aku…” come on, nobody notices that? (Sebagai perbandingan lagi, Davi di I Love You, Om! yang nggak pernah ngucapin sepatah kata pun udah dapat olok2an dari seluruh penjuru SD, now that is what I call realistic!)

Soal Bagas yang “ngerjain” Alex, ini juga agak konyol, paling nggak, menurut dugaanku. Kalo kamu ngerjain seseorang, kamu pasti make nomor perdana baru, yang nggak ada hubungannya ama nomor kamu yang lama (kalo kamu punya). Dan if you have a real life, kamu pasti akan selalu makai nomor kamu yang sebenarnya buat in touch ama temen2 kamu yang lain. Kecuali kamu menderita ngerjainophobia, HP kamu cuma satu, dan kartu boneka itu hanya kamu gunakan untuk ngerjain dan setelah itu kamu ganti dengan kartumu yang asli. Nggak dengan Bagas, ternyata nomor boneka itu tetap bisa dihubungi meski nggak diangkat. Oh, plis deh (lagi-lagi), Bagas segitunya nyediain satu HP khusus buat ngerjain? Untungnya, film ini cuma film, ceritanya fiktif belaka, dan kemungkinan terinspirasi oleh Alice in Wonderland.


Dhira is the real angel here, her somewhat-important role (that unfortunately in the movie, lacks recognition it deserves) helps her acting. However, she (the actress, not Dhira) can get physical with any guy, but I won’t believe her.

She actually seems making a sincere effort to act, the result isn’t really that bad so I really appreciate her. Not like the ignorant Julie, yuck. I truly hate Dhira’s ending. Where’s your compassion, story writer? Are you feelings-less? (I bet so.) BTW, if you ever find someone like Dhira in real life, please, even if you have to bear the weight of the world on your shoulders, do keep & take care of her at all costs… Someone like her is a real gem.

More About The Movie, The Storyline, and Cinematics

Terus (dari tadi koq terus terus) soal cewek rekan kerja Bagas yang “suka” ama Bagas. Sutradara, please, kalo cerita utamanya ngebosenin, subplot seperti ini sangat membantu lho… tapi gw bener2 kecewa karena sepertinya dari seluruh kru film termasuk cleaning service dan para sopir nggak ada yang merhatiin satu hal ini.

Tentang keutuhan sinematografi, gue yakin banget kalo sutradara ama pengarah seninya bener2 nggak nyambung di sini (gw ga mungkin percaya kalo misalnya sutradaranya merangkap art director, nggak percaya!) Pengarah seni: I adore you and your work (extraordinary!) Sutradara yang lagi nglamun: “Hello?!” (lagi-lagi). Adegan-adegan yang terlalu singkat di film ini bikin “pusing”, nggak konsen, padahal sang art director udah bikin setiap frame screenshot-able, tapi kontinuitas dari satu scene ke scene berikutnya sangat buruk… sekali. Dari tema film ini yang buat anak muda secara umum, gaya bercerita sok intelek seperti ini sangat terlihat Memento-wannabe-nya, but not even close. Really bad taste.

Satu contoh: Setelah nggak berhubungan segitu lama antara Alex dan Bagas, all of a sudden Alex tiba-tiba menemui Bagas karena masalahnya dengan Rafi, tanpa ada penjelasan sedikit pun. Nggak ada cipika-cipiki, nggak ada kangen2an, tiba2 mereka duduk berdua di “tempat biasa” dan gw cuma bisa bengong, “Eh eh, bentar2, gimana tadi ceritanya?” Koq nggak dari dulu2 si Alex ketemuan ama Bagas? Sayangnya si sutradara kebetulan kabur dari tempat duduk sebelah gw jadi dia nggak bisa ngasih jawaban. So for the rest of the movie gue sama sekali nggak ngeh ama ceritanya (bilang aja gue bodo, so what!).

As for the music, I’m not a fan of Peter Pan, tapi musik di keseluruhan film ini bagus banget dan fits so well, jauh dari mengecewakan (nggak seperti filmnya). Tapi gw heran kenapa Peter Pan mau musiknya dipakai buat film kayak ginian, tapi nggak papa deh. Aq suka banget ama lagu Menunggu Pagi, justru karena gw suka lagu itu akhirnya gw tertarik nonton film ini, hehehe…

Ada satu hal yang rada mengganjal buat gw, yaitu attention to detail. Satu contohnya, Bagas yang udah expired kedekatannya ama Alex, baru tau kalo Alex udah banyak berubah. Kesukaannya dulu bukan berarti kesukaannya juga sekarang. Bumbu2 penggurih seperti ini memang mengesankan, sayangnya main dish-nya (yaitu film ini) nggak terlalu lezat, jadi bumbunya terkesan “terlalu mewah,” mirip makan nasi pecel dilengkapi sup asparagus telur kepiting kali ye… Gw ga rela film ini jeleknya setengah2 dan ga rela juga bagusnya setengah2. 🙁

Yang menurut gw lucu, ada kalimat “Sejak kapan kamu ngerokok? Bandelnya telat!” Herannya si A Mild yang menjadi sponsor utama film ini “nggak marah”. Ya emang nggak papa sih kalimat itu, cuma menurutku sih nggak perlu ada di film ini, terutama karena yang ngesponsorin A Mild. Lagian, apa kamu ngeliat ada perubahan di diri Bagas sebelum & setelah ngerokok? Nggak kan? So, what’s the point then? Or I’m just too stupid to notice (or so the director thinks.)

Back to Casts & Miscellaneous Stuff…

Hubungan antarkarakter di film ini bisa dibilang nonexistent, kecuali Rafi yang sebenarnya punya potensi untuk berhubungan dengan someone, sayangnya someone ini nggak muncul di film ini. Andai Julie Estelle diganti aktris lain yang lebih decent, mungkin film ini akan jauh lebih baik.

Alex has no role whatsoever in this movie (bad story anyway), and during the only scene where Julie had the chance to (the cemetery scene), she blew it. What’s so good about Alex (bukan Julie, karakter Alex-nya)? Nothing! Can anybody explain why anyone would get attracted to her other than her looks? How about the pre-ending? “Itu dia masalahnya Gas, aku nggak pernah bener2 tahu! Aku nunggu Gas, nunggu…” Yuck! She doesn’t even cry! Why is she so arrogant, story writer, director, hello? That ruins the entire song “Menunggu Pagi” for me. Serius gw pas dengerin lagu itu cuma bisa ngebayangin betapa menyentuh dan romantisnya adegan itu… How I was so disappointed!

Bagas’ character actually has many opportunities, but Marcel is simply dull & overacting, and the story dullifies him even more. The part in the near ending where Bagas suddenly cares about Dhira is so shockingly unbelievable. I know they work “in the background”, but please do give some chemistry between them, either on the beginning or a hint somewhere. The story just doesn’t make sense.

Other tidbits about the movie… Pengemudi truk yang nggak mengumpat lagi setelah “mengalah,” bener2 aneh. Sound editing sucks. I found myself turning the volume up when I can’t hear a dialogue right, then turning it down because the music was too loud. There were numerous sound glitches throughout the movie. The final ending turned me on: Not the girl, it’s the MacBook! (Oh yes I’m so geeky!) But what kind of homemade video is that? A kindergarten theatre play? I find Fachi Albar (Rafi) trying desperately to match Julie (Alex)’s awkwardness, boy he did succeed (to some extent.)


In the end, I love Rafi’s acting! Gw nggak tahu apakah itu emang bakat si aktornya, ato sutradaranya yang pinter ngarahin… Tapi kalo pun gw dari awal tau film ini sejelek ini, gw tetep akan nonton film ini cuma karena akting si Rafi… 🙂 [please keep in mind that I’m not gay though] Gue pikir film ini sebenarnya ceritanya terlalu panjang dan sutradaranya maksain durasi standar yang terlalu singkat, kalo misalnya sutradaranya “let go” dan nggak keberatan filmnya sepanjang Harry Potter, gue yakin hasilnya pasti jauh lebih apik.

PS: “Adik”-nya Rafi, itu siapa sih (nama aslinya)… [oh ya, kalo pun film ini jelek, cewek ini alasan #2 gw bakal tetep nonton film ini hahahah]

She’s definitely the hottest girl in the movie!

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