Hyper’s CD Catalogizer: Catalog your CDs/DVDs/removable storage files and Downloads

Hyper’s CD Catalogizer (short name: cdcat) is a GUI disk cataloging application. It can catalog CDs, DVDs, and other removable storage files, and also regular directories and files including your downloads.

It is using the Qt toolkit so it probably look best on KDE, but it works perfectly on GNOME. The user interface is pretty and straightforward. Easy to use too. There aren’t many options but it does its job very well. Searches are fast, at least in my computer and catalogs.

Xarchiver: Zip/compression Application

Xarchiver is a Zip/compression application. On the UI side, it’s using GTK2 toolkit which probably looks best on GNOME/XFCE.

It’s simple and straightforward. Xarchiver is in many ways comparable to FileRoller. I think it has a bit more features than FileRoller but user interface-wise, FileRoller looks a little bit better.

Thanks to Trizle’s Andrew Trinh: The Accounting Game Book is Here!

It begins with a simple question to Andrew Trinh, founder of business consultancy firm Trizle: “Any good accounting book?” His response: The Accounting Game.

But then comes an uber-pleasant surprise: He sent me the book as a gift!

And the day had just come:

You shouldn’t have to ask if it’s “good,” as it’s easily one of the most entertaining (and useful) reads I’ve ever had.

Again, thank you, Andrew!

Note: I may sound biased, but if you have a business, I heartily recommend Trizle should you need any advice. Besides, they have a free business journal, so you can get loads of fabulous tips for your rocking business without paying a dime!

Meld: Intuitive Diff/Merge/File Comparison Tool

is one of the best-looking and most intuitive merge tools I have ever tried. You just have to try it to believe it.

The user interface really shines, and merging is really intuitive: just point and click. Scroll around, merging is fun with Meld!

In the end, Meld is good and fun but I prefer KDiff3. KDiff3’s UI isn’t as pretty as Meld, but KDiff3 has good automatic resolution and it has more features too (that I seldom use, though.) XXDiff is probably the most powerful differ/file merger but it seems too complicated for me.

PrefixSuffix: Rename Multiple Files

PrefixSuffix is a simple Linux GUI application that renames multiple files. It pretty much does (only) what its name says, rename prefixes and suffixes.

If you want full-blown rename tool, check out KRename. The multi-renamer tool in GNOME Commander is also very advanced, with built-in support for EXIF, ID3, and other metadata standards.

Investasi Smart dengan Millennium Penata Futures

Perdagangan di bursa forex (valas/valuta asing) semakin diminati, tidak hanya karena keuntungan yang besar, cara pengoperasian yang cepat & mudah secara online, tapi juga model yang dibutuhkan relatif lebih ringan dibandingkan membangun bisnis sendiri.

Satu perusahaan yang terpercaya di bidang ini adalah PT Millennium Penata Futures. Mereka menyediakan sistem online yang tercanggih dibandingkan perusahaan-perusahaan lainnya di Indonesia.

Tertarik, hubungi cabang Millennium Penata Futures terdekat atau mo ngobrol2 ama saya juga boleh, ni juga lagi sambil belajar koq 😉