Month: December 2007

OpenBravo is Honest Software, Me Likes! :)

Having been waiting “a few minutes” for several years with various taking-too-long-to-install software, “it will take more than an hour” is definitely a relief. At last, somebody is being honest! 😉 Update: Murti has a great article on installing OpenBravo on Ubuntu. I myself got stuck on the “FAIL – Application at context path /openbravo …

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“Selling” for 0% Profit!

Today I just found one way (though not so “good idea”) to have a 45-day loan with 0% interest……! I got approx 800,000 rupiahs today, cash, in less than an hour, that I can return around end January.. it was very easy. I was shopping with my friends (actually my Entreprenur University Kediri classmates), at …

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