Michael Jackson, a superstar with the capacity to spring back after countless failures.

Why Superstars Become Even More Successful After Screwing Up

Have you ever wondered why some successful people tend to have some ‘supranatural’ ability to spring back even when the worst happens to them?

Take Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson, a superstar with the capacity to spring back after countless failures.

Michael Jackson, a superstar with the capacity to spring back after countless failures.

He’s virtually the best damn pop artist ever! His 1982 album Thriller alone got a combined sales of an estimated 110 million worlwide. He topped more music charts than all the singers in the world combined could ever dream of.

Now Jackson isn’t all flawless. He’s got numerous failures during his journey, even got hit by a nasty bunch of scandals. His fortune was some whopping 750 million dollars, but they say all that’s left of it was 200 million in debts. Great irony, I know.

But guess what?

Even after his dramatic death, he became the first artist to sell more than TWO MILLION downloads in a week! That’s a constant 200 HUNDRED downloads PER MINUTE for a whole week!

How did he do it?


Ordinary people would stop after a failure. Most people avoid failure, so much that they tend to avoid the path to success altogether.

Superstars know that failure is inevitable. When it happens, they LEARN a precious lesson from it that allows them be even better.

So failure is a great learning experience. The faster you learn from it and recover, the closer you’ll be to master whatever it is you’re doing.


How to Make Yourself Interesting to Virtually Anyone

A lot of my friends ask me how to introduce themselves, their business or their product to a prospective customer (read: everyone). I found out that it’s surprisingly simple, but not intuitive.

Now, if you want someone to know you or what you’re offering, you just have to BE one thing: BE INTERESTING.

But how?

Let me share a little story…

Today, I was having a haircut. When the stylist came, I promptly put down my mobile. Then I asked him a very simple question:

“How are you?”

He replied very pleasantly, then several minutes later he’s been telling stories about his teen life, how he met his wife, and various things I thoroughly enjoy!

What’s not obvious, is that I also had many chances to tell him about myself.

It takes two to tango. It wasn’t a lecture, it was a CONVERSATION.

And the best way to start an interesting conversation is by GETTING INTERESTED in what they have to say: Just ASK!

When you’re genuinely interesting in other people, you’ll instantly become an interesting person to them.

Stop crafting words to woo ’em!

Simply ask and listen… You’ll get your turn and you don’t even have to ask for it.

Have your own experience? Share your stories in the comments.