What Do You Want for New Year?

Better love & romance in life?

More money?

Fancier car / cars?

Do you want your girl to be more beautiful? (or do you want more beautiful girls?) 😉

. . . . .

What Do You Want to *Give* for New Year…?

Will you donate more for charity?

Will you spend more time with your loved ones?

Will you smile more?

Will you complain less?

Will you help others more sincerely?

. . . . . .

You can be uncertain about many things in life.

But you must be sure of one thing :

What You Become.

Happy New Year 2010 Everyone!!! Love ya! 🙂

What Gets You Excited and Educated At The Same Time

Sometimes you feel you’re already good at something and get bored… or worse, you’re no good and still bored!

If that ever happens to you, it means you need something to excite and educate you at the same time!

The answer is surprisingly simple…

Do Something Out of Your World.

Since you’re a smart person, I’m sure you know a lot of things. From magazines, radio, TV, friends, and oh, I forgot a few things… the Internet, blogs, social media, Twitter, and all that stuff.

And things you know but you’re never too interested in doing… the things that are “beyond your field.”

The problem lies in not how many things you knew. But how much of those things that you never had actually done.


  • Bob, an engineer, knows how to cook fried rice.

  • Jane, a doctor, sees salespeople offering goods everyday.

  • Travis, a kindergarten teacher, hears that investing more is better than reducing expenses.

Neither Bob, Jane, nor Travis… did what they know.

What Happens When You Step Out of Your World… for A Moment?

  1. You feel uncomfortable… at first. — “I must suck at this!”

  2. You’re doing it badly… at first. — “Yeah, this is expected. But I never do this anyway, so let’s keep doing it while I’m on it.”

  3. Naturally, you improve… — “Hey, I’m pretty good at this! I’m likin’ it!”

  4. You learned new knowledge and got excited! — at the same time.

Bob thinks “I’m definitely the only engineer who can cook fried rice in the world!!!”

Jane thinks “I guess I earned a new title, the SalesDoctor!”

Travis thinks “I should start teaching those kids some financial awareness!”

You’ve got yourself a huge bunch of Ego Boost !

There’s no better time to become a “freak” with more knowledge and power

“Alien” Stuff? Smashing!