Web Designer Wanted! Job Opportunity at Miimr.com

TrendHot LLC is an up-and-coming start-up with big ideas and a focused goal: to be the next big thing on the web. TrendHot has recently launched their newest project Miimr — a place where you can share and learn new things. Share with the world your thoughts on everyday items, and learn what other people are saying about things that you’re most interested in.
We’re currently looking to recruit a web designer to join us in making a dent in the universe. We need you to help convert our vision into pixels.


  • Minimum 2 years of Web Design experience
  • Expertise with the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Proficient in coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Able to code for multiple browsers (IE/FF/Webkit)
  • Strong design sense with focus on UI / UX
  • An online portfolio demonstrating past work and a range of the skills mentioned above

Technical Requirements

  • CSS
  • Javascript/JQuery (level – intermediate)
  • Graphic Optimization

Nice to haves

  • Worked with Ruby on Rails applications

Send your application form and resume to paramaw [at] gmail.com.

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Top 10+ Useful Firefox Add-ons & Extensions

Firefox Sexy Girl

Add-ons / Extensions for Firefox make this web browser very powerful.

Here are the best 10 useful Firefox extensions I have been constantly using (in no particular order).

1. AdBlock Plus – Block Ads

Blocks most ads, saves bandwidth, increases browser performance.

2. LastPass – Password Manager

Stores your account credentials and passwords, so you will not have to remember them again (except the master password). Also synchronizes your passwords across web browsers and computers.

3. Xmarks – Bookmark Synchronizer

Access your bookmarks anywhere, and synchronize your bookmarks across web browsers and computers.

4. Lazarus – Form Recovery

Lost your precious writing because of bad connection or power outage? Lazarus will save your hard work.

5. GreaseMonkey – User Scripts Manager

The engine that powers many user scripts. My favorite is Remove “Recent Activity” for Facebook.

6. FlashGot – Download Integration

Integrate Firefox with many download managers, including DownThemAll!
You can also download streaming videos easily.

7. DownThemAll! – Download Manager

Replace the Firefox built-in download manager with this powerful, split-capable, resuming download manager.

8. Read It Later – Save Pages for Later

Busy? Just save the pages you’re viewing to Read It Later and get back to them at later time.

9. Tabs Open Relative (Modified) – Open new tabs right of current tab

Open new pages right next to the current tab.

Note: Not needed for Firefox 3.6 and later.

10. CookieSwap – Switch Accounts Easily

Having multiple online accounts, switching between them is easy thanks to CookieSwap extension for Firefox.

11. AddThis – Share websites with your friends

Share interesting websites with your social network friends easily.

12. Diigo – Share and annotate web pages

You found an interesting website, or want to publicize your own content, but to where? Diigo is social bookmarking on steroids, more powerful than the good old Delicious. The Firefox extension allows you to annotate web pages, among other cool things.

13. iMacros – Automate your Internet life

Let iMacros do the repetitive things you used to do on the web. Record the boring tasks as macros and play them at any time.

14. MeasureIt – Display width and height in pixels

Display pixel dimensions of any part of the current web page. It may be a developer tool, but still useful.

15. ColorZilla – Color picker for the web

Know the color in web/hexadecimal notation for any part of the web page. A useful developer and casual tool.

16. Zotero – Take control of your research

Manage your Internet research resources right from the browser. You can also sync the knowledge you have gathered with multiple computers. I used to use ScrapBook, but Zotero is much more powerful. However I now just use Diigo, since I don’t really need the researching features that Zotero offers.
What is your favorite extension(s)? Share your favorite add-ons in the comments.

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