Bandung! Saatnya Kamu Eksis di Tech in Asia Tour: Road to Jakarta!

Bandung! Saatnya Kamu Eksis di Tech in Asia Tour: Road to Jakarta!

Halo Bandung,

Waktunya kamu untuk memperluas jaringan dan pengetahuan kamu seputar dunia startup! Disini kamu bisa belajar pitching serta mengetahui strategi apa yang perlu kamu siapkan untuk startup kamu di tahun 2016.

Bober Cafe Tropica 
Jl. Sumatera No. 5 Bandung, Jawa Barat 
Bandung, 40113
Kamis, 17 September 2015
18.30 – 21.30 WIB

1. Dondi Hananto (Kinara Indonesia)
2. Andrias Ekoyuono (IdeoSource)
3. Benny Liputra (East Ventures)

Acara ini bisa kamu ikuti secara GRATIS. Cukup daftarkan diri kamu di tautan berikut ini:

Sampai jumpa di Bandung!


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Smart Business Map (SBM) Workshop Bandung 2015, Time to Accelerate Your Business

Smart Business Map (SBM) Workshop Bandung 2015, Time to Accelerate Your Business

Dear wirausahawan muda Kota Bandung!

Yayasan Pro Indonesia dan Dinas Pemuda dan Olah Raga Kota Bandung akan mengadakan pelatihan bisnis, bertema “SBM Workshop Bandung 2015, Time to Accelerate Your Business”.

“ Smart Business Map (SBM) adalah serangkaian prosedur analisa bisnis yang dibakukan oleh Budi Satria Isman (mantan CEO PT Coca Cola Amatill Indonesia, mantan CEO PT Sari Husada, pendiri dan Ketua Dewan Penyantun Yayasan Pro Indonesia).  
SBM berdasarkan proses bisnis yang perlu dilalui untuk membangun dan mengembangkan sebuah bisnis. Anda dapat menggunakan SBM kalau Anda ingin membangun sebuah bisnis yang lebih besar dan lebih cepat. Begitu pula bagi Anda yang belum mempunyai sebuah bisnis dan mau memulai untuk membangun sebuah bisnis.” 

Kegiatan SBM Workshop Bandung 2015 Yayasan Pro Indonesia dan Dispora Kota Bandung akan dilaksanakan pada:
Hari/Tanggal : Selasa – Rabu, 8 – 9 September 2015
Waktu : 08.00 – 16.30
Tempat : diumumkan kemudian

Persyaratan untuk peserta adalah sebagai berikut:

  1. Berdomisili di Kota Bandung  (dibuktikan dengan mengirimkan fotokopi KTP Kota Bandung)
  2. Telah memiliki usaha
  3. Mengisi formulir pendaftaran di tautan berikut:

Peserta pelatihan bisnis akan mendapatkan fasilitas gratis: 

  1. Coffee break dan makan siang
  2. Modul pelatihan dan kaos peserta
  3. Software keuangan Bee Accounting dan aplikasi manajemen media sosial, 

Kesempatan pelatihan bisnis ini terbatas hanya untuk 100 orang peserta dan bagi peserta TIDAK DIPUNGUT BIAYA. 
Segera daftarkan diri Anda untuk mengikuti kesempatan baik ini. Informasi lebih lanjut (telepon, SMS, dan Whatsapp), hubungi:
Yasmin (0818-642-644)
Ami (0819-3141-6146)

Avoid Use of Logical Fallacies in Advertising Words & Marketing Campaigns

Richard Taflinger, professor at the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication at Washington State University, says that a ploy often used in advertising (marketing) is the use of logical fallacies. These fallacies are not recommended because they may alienate your audience

Taflinger suggest avoiding the following logical fallacies:

  • Black/White Fallacy / False Dilemma: The black/white, or either/or, trick is making a statement that provides insufficient options to your argument. A common way this is used in advertising is by presenting two situations, one with the product and the other without. The one with the product shows circumstances that the advertiser presumes the target audience would like to be in, and vice versa for the situation without the product.
  • Genetic Fallacy: This fallacy makes a prediction about something based on where it came from or its origins. Such statements may indeed by true, but they need evidence as proof.
  • Begging the Question Fallacy: This is making a statement that includes a premise that has not been proven, basically saying that something is simply because it is.
  • Weasel Words Fallacy: These are words that are tossed into a sentence that change the actual meaning of the sentence while leaving an impression that is different. 
  • Dangling Comparative / Incomplete Comparison Fallacy: This is a statement that seems to be comparing one thing to another, but in actuality never actually states what the thing being compared is being compared to. What generally happens is that the comparison is left up to the audience to complete.
  • Complex Question / Fallacy of Many Questions / Loaded Question: A complex question is one that appears to be asking for a yes or no answer, but is in reality two yes-or-no questions that are usually contradictory. No matter how you answer, you can't win.
  • Buzz Words: These are words that seem to say something, but don't. They are extremely popular in advertising.
  • Guilt by Association Fallacy: This is when you attribute characteristics to someone or something based merely on the society they keep. 
  • Self-Definition / Equivocation Fallacy: This is using a word that you expect your audience to define one way, but you mean it another way when you use it.


Free Social Media Marketing Guide to Google Buzz

Joel Comm has shared a very interesting Google Buzz Report for free!

There are a lot of options if you want to grow your online business with social media marketing, and Google Buzz is clearly an important opportunity.

Simply free, no strings attached.

Download it here: Free Google Buzz Report

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and thousands of wannabe sites provide
us with opportunities to connect with others from next door and all over the

With such a massive market at stake, it was only a matter of time before
Google successfully entered the space.

Now we have Google Buzz, the Big G’s answer to social networking.


Tabbed Browsing is normally touted as one of the Internet breakthroughs of the 21st century. I beg to differ.

Yes, tabbed browsing was cool in its infancy. But now, we have much better operating systems than a few years ago.

My Ubuntu system live previews open windows during app switching (the Alt+Tab). I’m so grateful for “Show all windows” (Expose?), that makes it easy for me to pick a window visually (not a tab). I’m using Dockbar X, with superior grouping & window switching capabilities.

And I like juggling windows around in my dual monitor setup for best productivity.

Windows 7 also does these almost equally well.

Firefox tabs does none, at least not without some additional add-ons… that slow Firefox. But this applies for all browsers.

So I love windows better than tabs, for browsing purposes.

Along these lines though… is that sometimes we take innovation for granted, that we forgot why it was invented in the first place.

Tabbed browsing was not invented to solve a computer performance problem. Users are who needed it most, to manage their browsing activity, back in the day. What about now? Perhaps a bit, but not so much.

Phones, chat, and text messages also get overused these days. They are innovations in COMMUNICATION.

When these tools actually hamper your communication, something is wrong: Either the tool or how you use the tool.

Smartphones (PDAs?) should be easier to use than your agenda… Or is it? If you feel more productive with your agenda, by all means use it and ignore your smartphone’s features!

While it’s true that just because you can doesn’t meant you have to use it… it’s also true that just because you don’t use something means you can’t have it. I’m not suggesting to be lavish of course, just being practical.

Whatever tools, technology, or method you use: Make sure it WORKS FOR YOU.

You may or may not follow the crowd. You may or may not up to the latest trend. But NEVER FIGHT AGAINST YOURSELF.

By all means, if I can live happily without a smartphone, a laptop, and the Internet, I will not miss them at all. *shrugs* Not yet, though, but I hope one day I can forego all of these things. Seriously. Not even TV.

What’s YOUR OWN preference: good ole’ school grandpa’s sleek tricks… OR latest & shiniest Iron Man-style new tech?

What Do You Want for New Year?

Better love & romance in life?

More money?

Fancier car / cars?

Do you want your girl to be more beautiful? (or do you want more beautiful girls?) 😉

. . . . .

What Do You Want to *Give* for New Year…?

Will you donate more for charity?

Will you spend more time with your loved ones?

Will you smile more?

Will you complain less?

Will you help others more sincerely?

. . . . . .

You can be uncertain about many things in life.

But you must be sure of one thing :

What You Become.

Happy New Year 2010 Everyone!!! Love ya! 🙂

What Gets You Excited and Educated At The Same Time

Sometimes you feel you’re already good at something and get bored… or worse, you’re no good and still bored!

If that ever happens to you, it means you need something to excite and educate you at the same time!

The answer is surprisingly simple…

Do Something Out of Your World.

Since you’re a smart person, I’m sure you know a lot of things. From magazines, radio, TV, friends, and oh, I forgot a few things… the Internet, blogs, social media, Twitter, and all that stuff.

And things you know but you’re never too interested in doing… the things that are &ldquo;beyond your field.&rdquo;

The problem lies in not how many things you knew. But how much of those things that you never had actually done.


  • Bob, an engineer, knows how to cook fried rice.

  • Jane, a doctor, sees salespeople offering goods everyday.

  • Travis, a kindergarten teacher, hears that investing more is better than reducing expenses.

Neither Bob, Jane, nor Travis… did what they know.

What Happens When You Step Out of Your World… for A Moment?

  1. You feel uncomfortable… at first. — &ldquo;I must suck at this!&rdquo;

  2. You’re doing it badly… at first. — &ldquo;Yeah, this is expected. But I never do this anyway, so let’s keep doing it while I’m on it.&rdquo;

  3. Naturally, you improve… — &ldquo;Hey, I’m pretty good at this! I’m likin’ it!&rdquo;

  4. You learned new knowledge and got excited! — at the same time.

Bob thinks &ldquo;I’m definitely the only engineer who can cook fried rice in the world!!!&rdquo;

Jane thinks &ldquo;I guess I earned a new title, the SalesDoctor!&rdquo;

Travis thinks &ldquo;I should start teaching those kids some financial awareness!&rdquo;

You’ve got yourself a huge bunch of Ego Boost !

There’s no better time to become a &ldquo;freak&rdquo; with more knowledge and power

&ldquo;Alien&rdquo; Stuff? Smashing!

How to Make Yourself Interesting to Virtually Anyone

A lot of my friends ask me how to introduce themselves, their business or their product to a prospective customer (read: everyone). I found out that it’s surprisingly simple, but not intuitive.

Now, if you want someone to know you or what you’re offering, you just have to BE one thing: BE INTERESTING.

But how?

Let me share a little story…

Today, I was having a haircut. When the stylist came, I promptly put down my mobile. Then I asked him a very simple question:

“How are you?”

He replied very pleasantly, then several minutes later he’s been telling stories about his teen life, how he met his wife, and various things I thoroughly enjoy!

What’s not obvious, is that I also had many chances to tell him about myself.

It takes two to tango. It wasn’t a lecture, it was a CONVERSATION.

And the best way to start an interesting conversation is by GETTING INTERESTED in what they have to say: Just ASK!

When you’re genuinely interesting in other people, you’ll instantly become an interesting person to them.

Stop crafting words to woo ’em!

Simply ask and listen… You’ll get your turn and you don’t even have to ask for it.

Have your own experience? Share your stories in the comments.

Smile! Or at least try to...

Being Kind is Not Enough…

Smile! Or at least try to...

I never thought living should be difficult. At least not until I find that common sense isn’t always logical. And even more when Are Manners Logical or Superficial? on Psychology Today explained that manners aren’t always common sense:

Common sense tells me the most efficient way to ingest soup is to tip the bowl and drink it. In fact, unless you have a spoon that’s specifically contoured for the bowl you’re using, that’s the only way to get every last drop. And common sense tells us not to be wasteful.

So being kind isn’t enough, you’ve got to have manners — even if you’re not a kind person. I find the article enlightening, yet it’s written by someone having Asperger syndrome, sort of an autism spectrum disorder. Curious.