Indosat 4G LTE Mobile Data Internet Speed Test di Bandung

Bagaimana hasil uji kecepatan Indosat IM3 4G LTE di Bandung? So-so… 😐

Jadi setelah sebelumnya gagal ngedapetin kartu SIM card Indosat IM3 4G LTE, akhirnya saya ke Gerai Indosat di Jl. Asia Afrika, Senin 1 Juni 2015 jam 19.15. Aktifnya ternyata memang beneran agak lama, dan ini sudah diinformasikan oleh petugas Gerai Indosat. Sekitar 19.45 kartu IM3 yang lama nonaktif dulu. Baru kartu IM3 4G LTE yang baru dapat dipakai sekitar pukul 21.30.

Hasil speednya di tempat saya dengan kondisi 2-3 bar dapat speed download ~13 Mbps menggunakan ASUS Zenfone 2 4G LTE smartphone. Bagus apa jelek yach speed segini? Lumayan… toh kondisinya sinyal gak full. Padahal tadinya kebayang dapat speed 70 Mbps gitu hahaha :p


ASUS Zenfone 2 Intel Atom Smartphone (ZE551ML) Review Part 2: Nice Things & Problems

The very nice thing about ASUS Zenfone 2 is that they (currently) update the software, both Android ZenUI OS and built-in applications very rapidly.

I also noticed a few problems though. Sometimes Android System UI crashes (about once in 1-3 days), which is worrying but it resumes successfully, however if I was composing a (long!) text message then it’s wiped away. 🙁

A few Virtual Reality/3D/Cardboard applications are not working as intended (Vrse with blank black video although there is sound) or just crashes (Tokyo VR).

Hopefully sooner than later these issues will be resolved either by ASUS or software developer or Google. Aamiin. 🙂


ASUS Zenfone 2 Intel Atom Smartphone (ZE551ML) Review

ASUS Zenfone 2 is an Intel Atom powered smartphone which supports 4G LTE, Dual SIM, and 5.5″ IPS display screen.

There are several “groups” of variants, notably the lower-end ZE550ML variants with 720p display and ZE551ML variants with 1080p display. I said “groups” because ZE550ML group has variants having 16 GB and 32 GB of storage, and ZE551ML group has variants having 2 GB and 4 GB of RAM, and 32 GB and 64 GB of storage, and 1.8 GHz and 2.3 GHz CPU. Mine is a ZE551ML with 1080p display, 2.3 GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM, and 32 GB storage.

My Story

Actually I never planned to buy a new smartphone, at least not so soon. But since my previous Samsung Galaxy Note 2 suddenly stopped working, unfortunately I had to find a replacement quickly and after a light research, I decided to buy an ASUS Zenfone 2. So I went to Bandung Electronic Center (BEC) last week.

Actually I wanted to but the lowest-end ZE550ML with 720p display, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB storage, which would be priced around IDR 3,000,000 which is already expensive for me. But then I thought that the ZE551ML with 1080p display, 2 GB RAM, and 32 GB storage priced at IDR 3,300,000 would be a better price-per-value, I get better display (which means less battery hehe) with also more storage. But then I thought that I had a 2 GB RAM phone before and it got sluggish after a year of usage or so, so I guess it’s “OK” to buy a 4 GB RAM phone this time with a price of around IDR 3.200.000 for the 1.8 GHz, 32 GB storage, and “distributor warranty” version.

After a bit of windowshopping, some stores didn’t have exactly the variant I was looking for, or had it but not the color I want. All stores only sell the silver and red variant. I almost settled on the 4GB/32GB/2.3GHz/distributor-warranty version priced at IDR 3,300,000 but then the storekeeper said they had the wrong price and it’s actually IDR 3,350,000 so I was upset and then I found another store which sold the Red/4GB/32GB/2.3GHz/official-warranty version at IDR 3,250,000 which I purchased. The official warranty is from Metrodata. I’m quite happy, although this is a very expensive phone for me, it’s still cheaper than when I bought my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone last year in used condition for IDR 4.300.000! :p


Phone looks great and feels great, especially on red color.

Front looks with display on and off:

Looks great on back, with LED flash, F2.0 13 MP camera, and volume buttons:

Bottom is for microUSB port and microphone:

Top is for power button and 3.5mm headset jack:

Sides dont’ have any buttons at all:

My problem with the back design is that it is too rounded, so if I put the phone on back, it will wiggle because the back side is rounded and not flat.

Specifications & Performance

ZE551ML with 4 GB RAM is the flagship ASUS Zenfone 2 phone. It has Intel Atom Z3580 2.3 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, Android 5.0 Lollipop with ZenUI, 1080p Full HD display in 5.5″ IPS screen, and 13 megapixel camera. I chose the slightly lower 32 GB storage variant, the highest is 64 GB storage.

After I installed all my applications, in most cases the phone performs “quite good”. Why I said that is because my expectations are actually higher. This is a flagship 4 GB RAM phone with the latest quad-core Intel Atom processor, I don’t accept any sluggishness. It’s by no means sluggish, but there are a few times where it does stutter a bit, even while playing music it can stop the music for a few milliseconds, which is quite annoying. Camera processing is also not instantaneous, especially when I turn on Beautification or any other effect. Adobe Photoshop is the worst offender, applying an effect can take 5-10 seconds. That said, other phones with lower specs are definitely worse, hehe 😉

The performance takes a hit when (rapid) charging, because the phone becomes hot. During charging it’s not convenient to use the phone, due to hotness and also because the phone runs slower.

Battery and (Hot?) Temperature

Battery is 3,000 mAh and my verdict is… so-so. It lasts around 9 hours with my moderate usage (no video playing, just social media, chatting and browsing) with screen brightness to lowest-auto. I’m quite worried because this is a 1-week old phone. Within 1 year of usage I expect that I will have to disable many background apps to make it survive longer.

Battery screen gives estimated time left, I don’t really trust it. :-p Especially after 30% it drops faster than above 30%. But below 20% ZenUI will ask if you want to go Ultra-Power-Save mode which disables most background notifications, a must-have convenience that also exists in Samsung and perhaps other brands.

The great thing is it supports Quick Charging and the estimate is quite accurate. From 5% to full charge it requires about 1 hour.

The good thing is, ASUS provides Auto-start Manager so I can disable background apps that I don’t use often. I can live if these apps don’t always update in real-time.

About temperature, in most light usage this phone is quite cool. However during (rapid) charging, it will get very hot. Also it gets quite hot during phone calls. And when connected to WiFi with heavy access, it does get quite hot. It’s probably because of the 2.3 GHz processor getting to max speed. But so far, it’s understandable.

User Interface

The ASUS ZenUI user interface is beautiful, convenient, and fast. I love it. Here we have the standard Android Lollipop notification tray:

ASUS also provides quick access buttons to brightness (can be auto with slider) and other functionality, including the Splendid display setting which can change screen color style to warmer reading, or to vivid, etc. Splendid is a cool idea but I don’t really use it, I just leave it at balanced.

ASUS provides CleanMaster (Boost in notification area) preinstalled, which I don’t know yet whether it’s useful or not, but I guess it’s good to know it’s there if I need it and it’s integrated.

ASUS provides many widgets like Weather out-of-the-box, also applications like Do It Later and SuperNote. You may call them bloatware but I think these are nice apps. And for some people these apps are just right and don’t need to install a more complex app.

ASUS also provides ways to customize the look and feel of the UI, home screen, lock screen, although for this I have to say Xiaomi’s MIUI is best. ASUS ZenUI themes are much fewer. The nicest thing I found is ASUS live wallpapers, which ASUS claims are battery-friendly, here I use LiveOcean live wallpaper. The ocean water level reflects the battery level, so it’s pretty neat too.


For my variant of the ASUS Zenfone 2 ZE551ML with 4 GB RAM, 32 GB storage, 2.3 GHz CPU, official-warranty priced at IDR 4.250.000 it’s a “pretty good” phone (it’d be excellent if it was priced at IDR 3.500.000 hehe). I can definitely find a more expensive phone from Samsung but with similar specifications. But for the lower Zenfone 2 ZE550ML variant with 2 GB RAM priced at IDR 3.000.000 I think that’d be really good phone at decent pricing.

My hope now is that this phone can perform well and reliable for at least the next 3 years. I did read stories from my friends that had Asus mobile devices broken after some usage and still troublesome even after warranty repairs. I hope mine will do much better. Aamin.

Using CRM to Build Relationship with Your Customers

CRM Software aka Customer Relationship Management helps you to build and maintain relationship with your leads, potential customers, and current clients, as well as manage your sales pipeline.

Here’s my review of the CRM software I’ve tested.

  1. BatchBook
  2. Network Hippo
  3. Highrise
  4. Zoho CRM
  6. vTiger
  7. SugarCRM

The three most interesting CRM solutions to me are: BatchBook, Network Hippo, and Highrise.
You probably never even heard of them.

Here’s why I picked them: they are suited to small business owners. Network Hippo and Batchbook has good integration with social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The “Social CRM”.
Intuitive to use and looks good. Contacts display their Facebook and Twitter. Has SuperTags which is tags on steroids, customizable fields.

Network Hippo
Personal network management.
Unlike existing CRMs that focus exclusively on sales data and basic contact information, Network Hippo evaluates the strength and influence of individual relationships with contacts to find new opportunities, strengthen relationships, and learn more about key people in their ‘network’.

Easy to use, cut-to-the-chase CRM, from 37signals.
Email integration just by CC-ing to a special address.

Zoho CRM
Good offer with plenty of features. Free account for 3 users.
E-mail integration requires paid Zoho Mail addon. UI clunky, like Salesforce.

A popular SaaS CRM, which plenty of third-party apps that enhance its features.
I think the UI is clunky and slow. Average small business owners may feel it’s too complex.

vTiger CRM
Open source CRM in PHP.
Lots of features. UI is pretty okay. You can install it on your webhosting account.

The open source but somewhat crippled open source CRM software.
You need the commercial package or addons to experience the full functionality.

oDesk Review for Outsourcing Work

Outsourcing has always been a struggle for me since starting my business online.  In fact, I feel that almost every mastermind group that I belong to  discusses the infamous “outsourcing” topic on a regular basis.

In the past, I have used eLance and Rent-a-Code rather exclusively.  Both have lots of freelancers ready to do your work and my experience has been rather hit and miss.  Both are good company, though.

But a few month ago, I was recommended oDesk and now it is the first place I go for any new outsourcing task.

Just like the eLance and Rent-A-Coder, it does not cost anything to join oDesk.  You can go there, create an account and start browsing around.

One thing I first really like about oDesk is the amount of preliminary information about the candidates that it provides to you.

Sign Up an ODesk Account for Free


I love this outsourcing website!  First, the job posting process is very simple.  Then, the evaluation process is even better.  They provide you with tons of details about each applicant for the task.  This includes their past history, work ratings, and current assignments.  Further, the applicants can take online skills tests which you can view the test results.  This can include English literacy tests (great from when outsourcing overseas), technical tests (for programming assignments), even SEO tests for those looking for link builders and social media buzz generators.  Payments are made onto your credit card on a weekly basis.  This is a single payment to the sum of all jobs that are currently active (making multiple-job management a breeze).  The other great thing about oDesk (maybe the greatest) is that freelancers must log-in to the system, which takes random screen shots during their charged time.  This monitoring also provides activity levels during their charging times.


Like any freelancing/outsourcing website, oDesk has their “dud” users.  Mind you, I have had more success finding good workers on oDesk than any other site, but I have also had problems finding the “right” applicant for certain jobs.  Some skill sets are not well represented here, where I have had successes elsewhere.  The project management software is above average.  The logging diary is great…if you can find it.  Managing the jobs once you start them (and even stopping then) requires a bit of playing around.  Also, they put a lot of protection on your account (which is good!), but remember all of the security answers when you sign up…you will need them regularly!

Sign Up an ODesk Account for Free


New Ubuntu 8.10: The Intrepid Ibex!

Ubuntu’s latest version 8.10 Intrepid Ibex has just been released a few minutes ago!

Congratulations to Canonical team for releasing this fresh new Ubuntu!

The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop and Server,
continuing Ubuntu’s tradition of integrating the latest and greatest open
source technologies into a high-quality, easy-to-use Linux distribution.

Read more about the features of Ubuntu 8.10 in the following press releases:

Desktop edition
Server edition

Ubuntu 8.10 will be supported for 18 months on both desktops and servers.
Users requiring a longer support lifetime may choose to continue using
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS rather than upgrading to or installing 8.10.

Ubuntu 8.10 is also the basis for new 8.10 releases of Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and

To Get Ubuntu 8.10

To download Ubuntu 8.10, or obtain CDs, visit:

Because Ubuntu 8.04 LTS is a long-term support release, users of that
release will not be offered an automatic upgrade to 8.10 via Update Manager.
For instructions on upgrading to Ubuntu 8.10, see:

As always, upgrades to the latest version of Ubuntu are entirely free of

We recommend that all users read the release notes, which document
caveats and workarounds for known issues.  They are available at:

Find out what’s new in this release with a graphical overview:

If you have a question, or if you think you may have found a bug but
aren’t sure, try asking on the #ubuntu IRC channel, on the Ubuntu Users
mailing list, or on the Ubuntu forums:

#ubuntu on

Helping Shape Ubuntu

If you would like to help shape Ubuntu, take a look at the list of ways
you can participate at:

About Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a full-featured Linux distribution for desktops, laptops, and
servers, with a fast and easy install and regular releases.  A
tightly-integrated selection of excellent applications is included, and
an incredible variety of add-on software is just a few clicks away.

Professional technical support is available from Canonical Limited and
hundreds of other companies around the world.  For more information about
support, visit:

More Information

You can find out more about Ubuntu and about this release on our website:

Come on, let’s download it!


9 Most Important Quotes You Need to Know About Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

Just read a very interesting article from Wid Brilliant about Prophet Muhammad. It’s so good and “BLINK!” me a lot so I just had to make a copy here…

Thanks a lot to Dedi Setiawan for introducing me the word “BLINK”, and Parama Danoesubroto for reminding me (again!) about this theme.

Of course *BIG* Thanks to the original writer(s)!

Humain Parfait, Muhammad SAW

What prominent people say about Rasullullah Muhammad S.A.W, PBUH [Peace Be Upon Him]


Citra baik Muhammad mengalahkan ketenaran raja-raja. Nabi yang diutus Tuhannya ini melakukan pekerjaan sehari-hari. Beliau menyalakan api, menyapu, memerah susu kambing, dan menambal sendiri sepatu dan pakaiannya yang terbuat dari wol. Seakan menolak pencitraan dirinya sebagai seorang pertapa suci yang diagungkan, ia menjalani hidup seperti seorang bangsa Arab dan seorang prajurit – dengan sedikit makan. Dalam suatu acara yang hikmat, Beliau menjamu para tamunya dengan cara sederhana dan penuh keramahan. Namun dalam kehidupan pribadinya, minggu-minggu terlewatkan dengan serba kekurangan di dalam rumahnya. Beliau tidak mengenal anggur dalam kebiasaan hidupnya. Rasa laparnya cukup terpuaskan oleh sepotong roti: Beliau merasa amat bahagia dengan seteguk susu dan madu, sebab kurma dan air adalah menu sehari-harinya.

–[Edward Gibbon, The History of the Decline And Fall of The Roman Empire, Vol. VI, London: The Folio Society, p.264.]

Dia adalah kepala negara sekaligus pemimpin agama, dia adalah Kaisar dan Paus jadi satu. Tapi, dia adalah Paus tanpa kekuasaan kepausan, dan Kaisar tanpa pasukan kekaisaran, tanpa bala-tentara yang siap tempur, tanpa pengawal, tanpa istana, tanpa pemasukan yang tetap. Jika ada seorang manusia yang berhak untuk menyatakan bahwa ia memerintah atas perintah Ilahi, maka itu adalah Muhammad, karena ia memiliki seluruh kekuasaan tanpa perangkat dan pendukung yang dibutuhkan bagi sebuah kekuasaan seperti itu.-[Bosworth Smith, Mohammad and Mohammadanism, London , 1874, p. 92.]

Adalah tidak mungkin bagi seseorang yang mempelajari kehidupan dan karakter seorang Nabi besar dari bangsa Arab itu – yang mengetahui bagaimana ia mengajar dan menjalani hidup – hanya akan tiba pada sekedar rasa hormat saja atas kemuliaan Nabi yang menakjubkan ini, salah seorang utusan Tuhan yang teragung. Dan walaupun dalam karya-karya saya yang mungkin dikenal banyak orang, saya menulis banyak tentangnya tetap saja ketika saya membacanya berulang kali, rasa hormat, penghargaan dan takjub saya tak pernah ada habisnya bagi mahaguru dari bangsa Arab itu.–[Annie Besant, The Life and Teachings of Muhammad, Madras,1932, p.4.]

Saya ingin mengetahui tentang manusia paling berpengaruh dalam hati jutaan umat manusia… Saya semakin bertambah yakin bahkan kemenangan yang didapat oleh Islam pada masa-masa itu bukanlah dari ayunan pedang. Kemenangan itu buah dari kesederhanaan Nabi yang gigih, keikhlasan Nabi yang telah mencapai puncaknya, kehati-hatian terhadap semua amanat yang diembannya, pengabdian yang mendalam terhadap para sahabat dan pengikutnya, keberaniannya, ketidaktakutannya, keyakinan yang sempurna terhadap Tuhan dan misinya. Inilah semua dan bukanlah jalan pedang yang mengatasi semua halangan-halangan itu. Ketika saya menyelesaikan Bab ke-dua dari biografi sang Nabi, saya menyesal: sudah tidak ada lagi kehidupan agung lain yang bisa saya pelajari.–[Mahatma GandhiYoung India , 1922.]

Menurutku, Muhammad adalah seorang lelaki biasa. Dia tidak bisa membaca dan menulis. Dia buta huruf. Kita membicarakan masa 1.400 tahun yang lalu. Dimana seorang yang buta huruf membuat pernyataan-pernyataan menakjubkan, yang secara ilmiah luar biasa akurat. Saya secara pribadi tidak bisa melihat hal ini sebagai sebuah kebetulan belaka. Terlalu banyak akurasi yang dia berikan, seperti Dr. Moore, saya tidak punya keraguan dalam fikiran saya bahwa adalah wahyu Tuhan yang membimbing Muhammad dalam membuat pernyataan-pernyataan itu.– [Dr.TVN Persaud, Profesor Anatomi, Ahli Kesehatan & Penyakit Anak. Mempublikasikan lebih dari 181 tulisan ilmiah. Th.1991 menerima penghargaan tertinggi bidang Anatomi di Kanada.]

Dari penelitian-penelitian saya dan apa yang telah saya pelajari dari konferensi ini, saya percaya bahwa segala yang telah ditulis di Qur’an 1.400 tahun yang lalu adalah kebenaran yang dapat dibuktikan dengan penelitian ilmiah. Karena Muhammad tidak dapat menulis dan membaca, Muhammad pastilah seorang utusan yang menyampaikan kebenaran yang diwahyukan kepadanya sebagai pencerahan dari yang Maha Pencipta. Sang pencipta ini pastilah Tuhan, atau Allah. Karena itu, saya rasa inilah waktunya saya mengucapkan “Laa ilaaha illallah, dan tidak ada Tuhan yang pantas disembah melainkan Allah, ‘Muhammad Rasool Allah’, Muhammad adalah utusan Allah …
–[Profesor Tagata Tagasone, Mantan Kepala Fakultas Anatomi dan Embriologi di Universitas Chiang Mai, Thailand.] Apabila tujuan yang luar biasa besar, dengan bekal memulai yang amat minim, dan hasil yang juga luar biasa besar, adalah tiga syarat untuk seseorang disebut jenius, siapa yang berani membandingkan manusia hebat mana pun dalam sejarah modern ini dengan Muhammad ? Orang-orang yang paling terkenal hanya menghasilkan senjata, hukum dan kekaisaran. Mereka menemukan tak lain hanya kekuatan material yang seringkali lenyap begitu saja di depan mata. Orang ini (Muhammad) tidak hanya mengendalikan pasukan, undang-undang, kerajaan-kerajaan, orang-orang dan dinasti, tetapi jutaan manusia di sepertiga dunia yg dihuni masa itu; dan lebih dari itu. Dia menggoyangkan altar-altar, dewa-dewa, agama-agama, ide-ide, kepercayaan- kepercayaan dan jiwa manusia…keuletannya untuk mencapai kemenangan, tekadnya… kesemuanya semata dicurahkan untuk satu gagasan mulia, dan sama sekali bukan untuk membangun sebuah kekaisaran. Doanya yang terus-menerus, wahyu yang dia peroleh dari Tuhan, kematiannya dan pencapaiannya setelah kematian, semuanya ini tidak lain membuktikan pendiriannya yang gigih, yang memberikannya kekuatan untuk menegakkan sebuah ajaran. Ajaran ini ada dua sisi : Keesaan Tuhan dan Tuhan sebagai dzat yang immaterial. Ajaran yang pertama manjelaskan tentang apa Tuhan itu, ajaran kedua menjelaskan tentang apa yg bukan Tuhan. Yang pertama menghancurkan tuhan-tuhan palsu melalui perlawanan, yang kedua menjelaskan tentang Tuhan melalui kata-kata.

Filosof, orator, rasul, pembuat undang-undang, pejuang, pencetus ide-ide, pelestari ajaran yang rasional dan keyakinan tanpa simbol-simbol, pendiri duapuluhtiga kerajaan dengan satu agama, itulah Muhammad. Dengan menggunakan standar manusiawi apa pun, kita boleh bertanya, adakah orang yang lebih hebat dari dia ?-[Alphonsso De Lamartine (1790-1869), Lamartine, Histoire de la Turquire, Paris , 1854, Vol. II, pp 276-277.]

Muhammad yang dulunya seorang bocah dan pria muda yang gelisah telah menjadi Muhammad Sang Nabi. Berkat kepatutan pendekatan, baik secara pribadi, agama maupun sosial, pesannya disambut dengan penuh semangat oleh sekelompok kecil orang yang selanjutnya menjadi sahabat setia. Kelompok ini kemudian menjadi sebuah komunitas, komunitas agama. Di Madinah, Muhammad menemukan dirinya dalam situasi yang memungkinkan – bahkan mengharuskan dia melakukan perjuangan untuk memperoleh kekuasaan di daerah oase itu…
Lima tahun kemudian setelah peristiwa hijrah, kelompok tadi telah mentransformasikan dirinya menjadi sebuah negera yang dihormati oleh para tetangganya…

Sejarah, dan khususnya sejarah Islam, mengenal para tokoh pembaharu lainnya di bidang agama, yang memiliki posisi untuk memainkan peran politik. Namun sering mereka terbukti tak mampu beradaptasi pada bekerjanya kekuatan-kekuatan “political interplay” yang ada. Mereka telah gagal bertindak pada saat dan tempat yang diperlukan, mereka tidak tahu cara bagaimana “membaca” berbagai tujuan jangka panjang, dan juga tidak berhasil menjalankan kegiatan praktis yang terus-menerus dapat berubah, untuk memenuhi kebutuhan yang juga terus-menerus berubah sesuai kebutuhan pada saat itu juga. Terkadang para pemimpin agama itu pun harus bekerja sama dengan orang yang memiliki kepiawaian menyiasati – yang tinggi tingkat kesulitannya – dan yang mampu mewujudkan rencana-rencana. Tetapi Muhammad menemukan dalam dirinya semua hal itu: dia memiliki semua bekal yang dibutuhkan untuk memenuhi peran gandanya tersebut. Di Medina, sang penyeru kebenaran abadi tersebut telah muncul pula sebagai seorang politisi yang ulet dan handal. Mampu mengendalikan perasaannya dan tidak memperbolehkan perasaan tersebut terlihat kecuali pada waktunya yang tepat. Mampu menunggu sekali pun untuk waktu yang lama, dan bertindak cepat jika saat yang tepat datang… Dengan cara yang sama – sebagian besarnya – dia juga telah membuk tikan dirinya sebagai jendral piawai, yang mampu dalam merancang peperangan secara cerdik, dan mengambil langkah tepat yang diperlukan di setiap pertempuran.-[Maxime Rodinson, Muhammad, diterjemahkan dari bahasa Perancis oleh Anne Carter, London .] Allahu_akbar

Musa telah menerangkan adanya Tuhan kepada bangsanya, Yesus kepada bangsa Romawi, Muhammad kepada seluruh dunia. Enam abad sepeninggal Yesus bangsa Arab adalah bangsa penyembah berhala, yaitu ketika Muhammad memperkenalkan penyembahan kepada Tuhan yang disembah oleh Nabi I
brahim, Nabi Ismail, Sekte Arius dan sekte-sekte lainnya telah mengganggu kesentosaan Timur dengan jalan membangkit-bangkitkan persoalan tentang sifat tuhan bapa, tuhan anak dan roh kudus… Muhamad mengatakan, tidak ada tuhan selain Allah yang tidak berbapa, tidak beranak, and that Trinity has been deteriorated with misleading ideas.. .
Muhammad seorang bangsawan, ia mempersatukan semua patriot. Dalam beberapa tahun kaum muslimin dapat menguasai separoh bola bumi. Jiwa manusia yang mereka selamatkan, berhala-berhala yang mereka hancurkan. Dan tempat-tempat pemujaan yang mereka runtuhkan selama 15 tahun, jauh lebih banyak dibanding dengan yang pernah dilakukan para pengikut Musa dan Isa selama 15 tahun. Muhammad memang seorang manusia besar. Sekiranya revolusi yang dibangkitkan itu tidak dipersiapkan oleh keadaan, mungkin dia sudah dipandang sebagai dewa. Ketika dia muncul, bangsa Arab telah bertahun-tahun terlibat dalam perang saudara
.-[Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon I), (1769-1821) :Tokoh penting Perancis, panglima perang kenamaan, pendiri imperium Perancis, banyak negeri yang telah ditaklukkan. Kata-kata Nalopeon pernah disitir oleh seorang penulis bernama Cherfils dalam bukunya berjudul Bonaparte et l’Islam

Setelah banyak mempelajari, menekuni dan mengkaji semua segi ajaran Islam, dan setelah membanding-bandingkan dengan agama lain, akhirnya Prof. Dinet memeluk Islam. Hingga akhir hayatnya ia tetap sebagai muslim yang baik. Setelah menunaikan ibadah haji, dia menulis buku khusus dengan cara yang sangat indah dan menarik : Indah susunan kalimatnya, jauh jangkauannya, kuat argumentasinya dan mudah dicerna karena gaya bahasanya yang sederhana. Dialah yang dengan tegas mengalamatkan kata-katanya kepada H.A.Lamens, pendeta Nasrani, pengarang, yang mana dalam semua karyanya mengenai Islam. Dan tidak pernah jemu menyerang Islam juga nabi yang membawa ajaran Islam. Kepada Lames itulah Dinet berkata :”Kami berada di suatu lembah, dan tuan berada di lembah yang lain”.Lebih jauh beliau mengatakan :”Kesalahan orang Eropa (barat) yang sangat fatal ialah, karena mereka mengkaji dan menganalisa kehidupan Muhammad dengan cara menurut tabiat orang barat, padahal Nabi Muhammad bukan orang barat. Lagi pula logika barat tidak mungkin mendatangkan kesimpulan yang benar jika digunakan untuk memahami sejarah kehidupan para Nabi & Rasul yg mana kesemuanya adalah orang Timur.

Prod.Dinet kemudian menyebut barisan nama kaum orientalis fanatik yang anti Islam, antara lain : H.A.Lamens, Dozzy, Noldeke, Goethe, Sprenger, Grimme, Snouck  Horgronye, dll. Setelah meneliti pendapat mereka, Prof.Dinet mengatakan :”Apabila kita perhatikan pendapat mereka, baik yang berkebangsaan Perancis, Inggris, Belanda, atau yang lainnya; maka kita temukan pendapat yang berlawanan antara yang satu dengan yang lain, hingga orang tidak dapat memilih mana yang benar, karena semuanya jauh menyimpang dari sumber-sumber riwayat yang benar”.

taken from: item/264? mark_read= labbaik:journal: 264

diketik ulang dari : “Riwayat Kehidupan Nabi Besar Muhammad SAW”, HMH.Al Hamid Al Husaini, Yayasan Al Hamidiy Jakarta, cetakan kelima, 1995, hal:936-953)

Note : artikel di atas telah dimuat dalam Labbaik, edisi : 022/th.02/Rabi’ ul Awwal-Rabi’ul Tsani 1427H/2006M

Ayat-ayat Cinta, film poster

Ayat-ayat Cinta: A romantic Indonesian movie, beautifully executed

Ayat-ayat Cinta, film poster

Ayat-ayat Cinta is an Indonesian movie about Fahri, a college student at Al-Azhar Islamic University, and his shortly portrayed but fruitful adventures in life and love. Along the way he’ll meet several pretty and not-so-pretty girls Maria, Aisha, Nurul, and Noura; and what’ll happen? Let’s just say that I think this is really a must watch movie!

Unfortunately, I’m too lazy right now to write something original, so I’ll just let these nice guys (or gals? 😉 at The Jakarta Post do the job for me:

The main character, Fahri (Fedi Nuril), is believably sincere in a too-good-to-be-true manner, which unsurprisingly attracts not less than four women during his stay and study in Cairo, Egypt. They are his college mate Nurul (Melanie Putria), whose high-profile family makes Fahri feels inferior; Noura (Zaskia Adya Mecca), a hapless victim of domestic violence who turns against Fahri; Maria (Carissa Putri in a somewhat mind-bogging dubbed voice), his jovial neighbor; and Aisha (Rianti Cartwright), who Fahri meets in very unlikely circumstances.

These four greatly different women, each with their own desire to love and have Fahri, provide the film with a succession of grand events that verges on melodrama.

Of course, as a side note, criticizing a critic, like most so-called “movie reviews” do, that article also didn’t explain much about the story in the movie itself, as I think it’s the most interesting part of a movie review. Who doesn’t love stories?

Fahri, as it turned out… starts in the movie currently doing his thesis (or some sort of academic document, whatever). Then, his documents got corrupted. Luckily, he got some support from a cute girl named Maria, and (not very portrayed) his male friends. Let’s say that he doesn’t just get support, but also love, and you don’t have to watch the movie to guess that–I suppose.

Now, the problem is, Fahri happens to be a guy that’s too irrestible. Because of his willingness to help basically everybody, and sometimes Islamic idealism, he’s attracted several other girls: the girl he helped on the bus, Aisha; the girl he helped on the streets, Noura; and his female friend in college, Nurul. It’s a problem, indeed. Why? Because most of you guys would have a different problem: no girl. Fahri has a much more deeply rooted problem: Too many admirers, all of them women. Either way, it’s still a problem.

The problem gets worse after Fahri married just one of these girls, disappointed the other(s), got accused of raping one of the them, and then marrying another one of these girls in order to survive his crime charges!! What a convoluted plot. But I have to say it’s quite enjoyable for me, and I think you’ll like it too! 🙂

A little closing that will hopefully satisfy you movie critics rather than actual mortal readers: This is a beautifully orchestrated movie, from cinematics, picture, sound, actors, story, basically everything. Yet I do think that this movie is too unrealistic. It’s so out-of-the-world. I mean the setting, and the plot (it’s beautiful and weird at the same time,) and the actors and actresses. Come on, get some real foreign actors. Using Indonesian actors as a replacement for foreign people just doesn’t cut it, and makes me a bit annoyed. But that’s OK.

Another side note, is that I watched the movie in a near perfect setting, time, and I wasn’t late: I watched right from the very beginning to the credits. Although the cinema was extremely crowded, they unwittingly managed to get me the lucky seat, which is right in the middle center, and no seats in front of me, which means the only lip kissing I see is in the movie, not in front of me. Talk about maximum viewing pleasure! 🙂

Go watch this movie…

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P.S. My favorite quote in this movie? “Sabar dan Ikhlas. Itu adalah Islam!” (Patience and Sincerity. Those are what Islam is.)

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Oz Multiparadigm Concurrent Programming Language, The

I’m not sure about you, but to me Oz looks like a cool programming language to learn… and use:

Oz is a multiparadigm programming language, developed in the Programming Systems Lab at Saarland University.

Oz contains most of the concepts of the major programming paradigms, including logic, functional (both lazy and eager), imperative, object-oriented, constraint, distributed, and concurrent programming. Oz has both a simple formal semantics (see chapter 13 of the book mentioned below) and an efficient implementation. Oz is a concurrency-oriented language, as the term was introduced by Joe Armstrong, the main designer of the Erlang language. A concurrency-oriented language makes concurrency both easy to use and efficient.

In addition to multi-paradigm programming, the major strengths of Oz are in constraint programming and distributed programming. Due to its factored design, Oz is able to successfully implement a network-transparent distributed programming model. This model makes it easy to program open, fault-tolerant applications within the language. For constraint programming, Oz introduces the idea of “computation spaces”; these allow user-defined search and distribution strategies orthogonal to the constraint domain.

See it in action on my computer:

Oz Mozart in action

Far from bad, eh?

The language is pretty nice and clean, yet has advanced built-in features like concurrency… whoa…

   Z = X+Y     % will wait until both X and Y are bound to a value.
   {Browse Z}  % shows the value of Z.
thread X = 40 end
thread Y = 2 end

The primary tool for developing Oz applications is Mozart Programming System.

So, now, anything interesting? 😉