Microsoft Word paper citation style using Indonesian language

How to Change Citation and Bibliography Language in Mendeley

When writing an academic paper, your university, journal, or conference, may require a particular citation or bibliography style. If you’re using a reference manager such as Mendeley or Zotero, then you should have no problem changing the citation style to match your publisher’s required format. However, another aspect of citation style is the citation or bibliography language, which is not always easy to conform. For example, in my university Institut Teknologi Bandung, citations must be written in a specific style/format and must be using Indonesian language. “et al.” must be written as “dkk.”, “and” must be written as “dan”, and a few others.

If your language is already supported by the citation style that you want, then you’re lucky. If not then you can edit the citation style to add the required translations, it takes some effort but it’s not hard when compared to creating a citation style for a new format.

How to Change The Language of The Citation/Bibliography Style in Mendeley?

Here’s the steps to do this:

  1. Open Mendeley Desktop.
  2. Click View > Citation Styles > More Styles…
  3. In Citation and Bibliography Language, select your preferred language. In my case, it’s “Indonesian” (Bahasa Indonesia).
Change Citation and Bibliography language in Mendeley Desktop

Change Citation and Bibliography language in Mendeley Desktop

In order to test this, select any paper in your list, then press Ctrl+C or Edit > Copy. An example for one paper:

Muhari, A., Imamura, F., Koshimura, S., dan Post, J. (2011): Examination of three practical run-up models for assessing tsunami impact on highly populated areas, Natural Hazards and Earth, 11(12), 3107–3123,

It may be very minor difference, but the “dan” word in the author list is required in Indonesian language bibliography.

But if your selected citation style does not support your language, then it will still use in English. That’s a problem, but there is a solution that I will share in the later part of this article.

Using the Selected Citation and Bibliography Language in Microsoft Word Paper

To use the selected Citation and Bibliography language in a paper that you’re writing with Microsoft Office Word, make sure you have installed Mendeley Plug-in for Microsoft Office Word first.

Then switch to the References ribbon, and change the “Style:” to match your preferred style. If there is no effect, try changing to another style then changing it back to your preferred style. When working properly, your Word document should look like this:

Microsoft Word paper citation style using Indonesian language

Microsoft Word paper citation style using Indonesian language

What If A Citation Style Does Not Support My Language? How to Edit the Citation Style to Support My Language?

All citation styles in Mendeley and Zotero can be edited and customized to your liking. You can create a new citation style, or you can also improve a citation style, for example to support your language. You are also welcome to submit your contributions to the official project, so it will be usable by Mendeley and Zotero users all around the world.

First you’ll need to locate the citation style file (called a CSL file) that you use. The files are located in “C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Mendeley Ltd\Mendeley Desktop\citationStyles-1.0”.

Choose the CSL file that you use, and open it in your favorite text editor (Visual Studio Code shown below).

Edit A Citation Style Language (CSL) file using Visual Studio Code

Edit A Citation Style Language (CSL) file using Visual Studio Code

What you’ll need to find is a line containing:

<locale xml:lang="id">

“id” is for Indonesian, so replace “id” with your language’s code.

Then you can translate the terms to match the terms into your language.

If you can’t find it, you can use this template:

<locale xml:lang="id">
  <term name="editortranslator" form="short">
   <single>ed. &amp; trans.</single>
   <multiple>eds. &amp; trans.</multiple>
  <term name="translator" form="short">
  <term name="et-al">dkk.</term>

Save your file and restart Mendeley Desktop to make your changes take effect.

How’s your experience with Mendeley? Let me know what difficulty you get.

EBA Internship 2015-2016

EBA Internship 2015-2016

EBA Internship Program aims at matching top performing students with cutting-edge companies for JOB OPPORTUNITY.

EBA Internship Program 2015-2016

Info session:



There are two types of internship programs. Details will be explained in info-session.


EBA Internship

EBA Master Internship

 Internship process  EBA Internship 2015


  • 3rd year undergraduate students and above.
  • Master students and Ph. D. students is preferable. 
  • Business experience is a plus
 Pre-selection process
  • Application screening
  • Logical communication test
  • Interview (tentatively)
  • Application screening
  • Logical communication test
  • Academic research presentation and interview
    (Interviewer: Academic advisors, EBA coordinator, company representative)





scenario_virtual_en scenario_onsite
A practical learning opportunity that students complete tasks assigned by company supervisors and interact via online communication (videoconference, e-mail). A hands-on experience in real international work environment where students have opportunity to present their internship outcome to the top management of company.



  NTT Data Co., Ltd. Weathernews Inc.  NEC Co., Ltd. KDDI Co., Ltd.
Field of Internship: Smart community by cloud technology IT, Engineer, Marketing, Meteorology Market Research or business model proposal Mobile data application analysis
Company’s website NTT Data Weathernews  NEC  KDDI
Application deadline Application is not opened yet. 2015/09/30 (23:59 JST) 2015/09/30 (23:59 JST) 2015/09/30 (23:59 JST)
Available positionsfor onsite internship  1-2 students  around 5(To be confirmed)  1-2 students  1 student
Type of internship EBA internship EBA internship  EBA Master Internship EBA Master Internship
Preferred skills
  • Computer Network, LINUX,
  • Web application development skills
  • Logical thinking
  • Self-standing (work under minimum guidance)
  • IT intern: FreeBSD, Perl, C, C++, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, UNIX platform, Creativity
  • Marketing intern: Problem solving, Business model, Creativity
  • Meteorological intern: To be confirmed
  • Research & analysis skills, Logical thinking/writing
  • Business planning skill
  • Knowledge of energy related business or solutions, Cloud, Big Data
  • PowerPoint presentation skill
  • Japanese-level: daily life communication
  • Knowledge of TCP / IP
  • Programming skills C++, Perl, RUBY, or Java (more than one is desired.)
Virtual internship: To be confirmed 2015/11~12(To be confirmed) 2015/11~12
(To be confirmed)
Onsite internship in Japan* To be confirmed 2016/01~02 or 2016/06~08(To be confirmed) 2015/11 and/or2016/01~02
(To be confirmed)


  • * =Schedule to be confirmed with companies and selected students
  • Main language used in this internship: ENGLISH


  • Students from partnering universities of  EBA Consortium and SOI Asia Project who are expecting to graduate in 2016 or before March 2017 (Students, who already graduated, are also welcome).
  • Interested in full-time job opportunity in Japan after graduation


Submit the following documents to eba.internship[at]

  • Download form>>EBA2015-internship-application
  • Copy of transcript
  • Resume
  • Copy of English Proficiency test score (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC or others) (If any)
  • Recommendation letter from faculty members

6. FINANCIAL SUPPORTS [To be determined]

  • Two-way air ticket, accommodation, and travel insurance (only for official EBA activities) will be provided to successful internship candidates.
  • Other excluded expenses: 200-250 USD (weekly)
    • Daily meals and local transportation
    • Social and entertainment
    • Visa fee & Visa processing fee



Brief introduction of internship program, overview of company, and internship assignment presented by EBA coordinator.



Any questions, please contact [email protected]

Prototype Day Agustus 2015: Telkomsel Digital Art Week

Prototype Day Agustus 2015: Telkomsel Digital Art Week

Fakultas Seni Rupa dan Desain (FSRD) dan Sekolah Teknik Elektro dan Informatika (STEI) Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) menyelenggarakan:

Prototype Day Agustus 2015

dengan tema:

Telkomsel Digital Art Week

29 Agustus – 5 September 2015. Pukul 09.00-16.00.

Tempat: Digilife Dago, Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 8


  • Oculus Sribaduga. Bayu Widagdo, M.Ds – FSRD ITB.
  • Storytelling Lip Motion. Viananda Andrias M.Ds – FSRD ITB.
  • Bandung Smart Transportation System. STEI ITB.
  • Lumen Robot Friend. STEI ITB.
  • CCA (Cimahi Creative Association)
  • Film Salman
  • Smart Campus
  • Aplikasi Game Chatrine


  • Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2015. Language & Technology oleh Susanto, SS, M.Hum, MA, Ph.D.
  • Senin, 31 Agustus 2015. Ir. Budi Rahardjo, M.Sc., Ph.D. Dr. Marisa Paryasto. Kampoong Monster. Dycode. Cyberlabs. Cybreed. Tinker Games.
  • Selasa, 1 September 2015. CCA (Cimahi Creative Association).
  • Kamis-Jumat, 3-4 September 2015. Workshop Mobile Game Developer oleh Indismart.
  • Sabtu, 5 September 2015. Workshop Fun Blogging oleh Sinta Ries.

More info contact: Wuri Cahya – 081233158589.

4th International Conference on Interactive Digital Media 2015: Call for Papers

4th International Conference on Interactive Digital Media 2015: Call for Papers

The International Conference on Interactive Digital Media (ICIDM 2015) aims to become a major point of contact between researchers, engineers and practitioners in Interactive Digital Media. Furthermore, ICIDM 2015 aims for increasing program for South East Asia computer graphics and image processing community to realize, recognize, and reveal the technological interplay at work behind the immersive and compelling virtual environment and digital media. The conference are covering the experience, expertise, and technological from academicians, researchers, and industry professionals.

We seek original research full papers covering any aspect of INTERACTIVE DIGITAL MEDIA in all across disciplines including

Health Science
Arts and Humanities
Natural Science
Cultural and Heritage
Social Sciences
Defense and Security

Due 19 September 2015

Due 30 September 2015

Due 31 October 2015

Due 1-5 December 2015

More info:

Sudah Siap Memerangi Malware Internet-of-Things?

Sudah Siap Memerangi Malware di Era Internet-of-Things?

Boro-boro mencegah phishing/scam/hacking apalagi bersiap-siap menghadapi tantangan serangan malware dan virus bagi pengguna perangkat Internet of Things seperti TV, kulkas, camera, robot, dsb. (yang pastinya akan semakin banyak)…

Setiap pulang dari warnet atau game center mana pun, USB flash drive saya pasti langsung kena virus. Padahal pencegahan dan pengamanan virus yang menyebar lewat USB flash drive (secara offline) termasuk paling gampang.

Dengan kondisi seperti sekarang, bagaimana bila menghadapi cyberwar dan hacker merajela? Hmm… 🙁

Technical Thursday on Friday #13 : Android Design Support Library

Technical Thursday on Friday #13 : Android Design Support Library

Konferensi tahunan Google I/O telah digelar di San Francisco, pada rabu 25 Juni 2015. Di ajang tempat bertemunya Google dengan para pengembang Android ini, Google mengungkap sejumlah pengumuman tentang produk dan layanannya yang akan segera dirilis. Topik Google I/O masih sangat hangat buat dibahas, dan ditechnical thursday on friday kali ini akan membahas mengenai Android Design Support Library akan dikupas tuntas langsung oleh Founder dan CEO GITS INDONESIA di Technical Thursday on Friday #13 yang akan diadakan pada :

Hari/tanggal : Jumat, 26 Juni 2015
Pukul          : 14.00 s/d 16.00 WIB
Tempat       :  Bandung Digital Valley
                     Menara IDeC Lt. 4 Jl. gegerkalong Hilir No.47 Bandung

Ajak teman-teman sebanyak-banyaknya buat join Technical Thursday kali ini. Karena teman-teman bisa sharing langsung mengenai Android Design. Reistrasi di sini :

Indosat IM3 4G LTE Tidak Dapat Sinyal / Menghilang?

Indosat IM3 4G LTE Tidak Dapat Sinyal / Menghilang?

Sinyal Indosat IM3 4G LTE di sekitar tempat saya (Jalan Asia Afrika, Bandung) tiba-tiba menghilang sejak 14 Juni 2015 sampai 17 Juni 2015.

Saya pikir ada error/gangguan jaringan yang berlaku global. Lalu saya coba kontak twitter @IndosatCare, tidak sampai satu jam kemudian sudah diperbaiki (“refresh jaringan”) dan 4G dapat digunakan kembali.

So, kalo ada apa-apa dengan layanan SIM card Indosat/Ooredo IM3 atau Mentari kamu, coba aja lapor ke twitter @IndosatCare 🙂 Tentunya, kalo paket data kamu sendiri tidak bisa digunakan, ya harus nebeng internet orang, hehe 🙂


Talent Development Saturday #16 – @AgateStudio & @Telkom_BDV

Talent Development Saturday adalah event bulanan dari Agate Studio kerjasama dengan Bandung Digital Valley untuk berbagi knowledge dari industri Game Development ke sesama pelaku industri dan potential talents. Format acara ini adalah presentasi dan tanya jawab yang dibagi ke 4 track:

  • Art
  • Technical
  • Game Production & Game Design
  • Sales & Marketing

Sesi presentasi di setiap track akan diadakan secara paralel di 4 area yang berbeda. Satu slot presentasi adalah 1 jam, masing-masing track maksimum akan memiliki 5 slot presentasi dari jam 9 sampai 3 sore.

Silakan reservasi Talent Development Saturday #16 di sini.