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3 Quick Tips to Make Your Customers Extra-Loyal

3 Quick Tips to Make Your Customers Extra-Loyal
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How to make your customers loyal, in a quick and easy way?

Tip #1: Promise something extraordinary. “You’re dining in the #2 fastest restaurant in the world!”

Tip #2: Let your customers prove it. “Order and you’ll get it in 15 minutes!”

Tip #3: When you fail, reward your customers. “…or you get our Yummy Dessert for Free!”

Result: Your loyal customers will come to your restaurant everyday, waiting the moment when they’ll finally get your yummy dessert! (And yes, you’ll actually give it to them sometimes, please.)

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Adapted from: Cara Cepat untuk Membuat Pelanggan Loyal kepada Anda | Cari Duit di Internet

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