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Inspiration from Rasulullah SAW about Healthy, Positive Workplace Culture and Environment

You believe that a healthy, positive workplace culture and environment is very important for your business and to make it sustainable. You want to find a “core values” word/concept for your business, to represent warmth/casual/friendly/open to balance the “professional (commitment)” value. You don’t want professional to mean “constantly under pressure / employee burnout”. I think…
The reason I want to learn Japanese

Learning Japanese Language (Nihongo) from Basic Words and Common Phrases

Here are several basic Japanese language (Nihongo) words and common phrases that I am trying to learn. Basic words: Anata. あなた. You. Watashi. わたし. I. Common phrases: Konnichi wa. コニチワあ. Hello. Arigatou gozaimasu. ありがと ございます. Thank you. Anata wa dou desuka? あなた わ どう ですか? How are you? Watashi wa yokunaidesu. わたしわ よくないです. I am not good….
Microsoft Word paper citation style using Indonesian language

How to Change Citation and Bibliography Language in Mendeley

When writing an academic paper, your university, journal, or conference, may require a particular citation or bibliography style. If you’re using a reference manager such as Mendeley or Zotero, then you should have no problem changing the citation style to match your publisher’s required format. However, another aspect of citation style is the citation or bibliography…

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