Bulan: November 2006

“I Didn’t Ask for Your Help, Did I?”

Last night I watched Crash, Eel‘s favorite movie. It’s a movie about life, how we collide into other people’s lives, and how people deal with it. Conclusion: It’s an excellent movie. Lots of magic moments in this movie (seriously! The touching, “oh-pretty-please-no” kind of scenes are there.) About 95% of the movie deals with racism, …

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I’m Quitting This Job, ASAP!

You heard me. It’s official, starting from yesterday I got no Internet access. 🙁 Restricting Internet access to me is like forbidding me to read books. Unacceptable employer behavior. Sure, there are downsides of unrestricted Internet access. Especially if used irresponsibly or abused. In my case, though, I think the damage for restricting me far …

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Unique, Interesting, Amusing, Or…?

Baru2 ini gw “ketemu” ama seseorang… Nggak “ketemu” sih karena ketemunya virtual nggak secara langsung… Cuma, hal pertama yang muncul di benakku adalah, orang ini… “menarik.” Unique? Tentu saja, semua orang unique. Of literally thousands of persons I personally met and touched; this person, even though “unseen”… maybe a uniquest of the uniques. 😉 It …

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Re: Democracy, Poverty & Radical Politics

A response to Democracy, Poverty & Radical Politics at Mr. Juwono Sudarsono’s web site: Aside from extremely religious-istic followers, one thing I find quite disturbing of Indonesian people (not just poor ones) is “regionalism” or “ethnicism” (“kita orang Jawa, kita harus bla…bla…bla”). So much that they force their beliefs upon others. Communities are becoming more …

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Alexandria, The Movie: A Review

WARNING: THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! I can’t find anything I could love about this movie. Serius. Terutama setelah nonton I Love You, Om! yang kualitasnya jauh, jauh banget di atas film ini. (Seperti bandingin langit dengan selokan.) Ok, sutradara dan pengarah seni-nya emang keren. Banget. Sorry, kameramen, entah sengaja atau tidak, sering sekali nggak …

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