Cap Jidat yang akan Menyelamatkanmu
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Cap Jidat yang akan Menyelamatkanmu

Kalau ditanya 3 hal terpenting dalam membangun bisnis, maka jawabannya adalah: Skill – Credibility – Network. Jika hanya menyisakan 1 hal yang terpenting, maka kredibilitas adalah yang paling utama di dunia bisnis. Lantas apa itu Kredibilitas? Kredibilitas adalah nama baik, kredibilitas yang dibangun dimasa lalu. Kalau elemen pembangun kredibilitas yang tepat, saya setuju memilih kata…

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3 Quick Tips to Make Your Customers Extra-Loyal

Photo credit How to make your customers loyal, in a quick and easy way? Tip #1: Promise something extraordinary. “You’re dining in the #2 fastest restaurant in the world!” Tip #2: Let your customers prove it. “Order and you’ll get it in 15 minutes!” Tip #3: When you fail, reward your customers. “…or you get…

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How to Make Your Words Count: Build Authority

What do you want your potential customers to think about your product? Your product is the best of its kind. How do you ensure that? Simple, by demonstrating authority. Luckily for you and me, Copyblogger founder Brian Clark has just released a free report, Authority Rules: The 10 Rock-Solid Elements of Effective Online Marketing. Why…

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Mbah Surip died of illness, Leaves Success as Legacy

Mbah Surip, a very popular singer and entertainment, died at 10.30am today. His first single, “Tak Gendong”, was highly successful and earned him 4.5 billion rupiahs from Ring Back Tone (RBT) royalties alone. A few months ago, he was virtually unknown in Indonesia. His life dramatically changed when his song, “Tak Gendong”, was released and…

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7 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend "Work" for You

Many people think that having a partner or spouse has no direct impact on someone’s business. I am thinking exactly the opposite. Your partner can help or harm your business. I wish your love relationship is going very well, and here I’ll outline several ways to make sure that works for your business too. Note…

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Mario Teguh Golden Ways Notes #1

Jadilah pribadi yg terlalu mulia untuk ditaruh di zona tidak nyaman (contoh: miskin, bodoh)Jika Anda ingin menjadi pribadi yg menarik maka jadilah pribadi yg tertarik kepada org lainBerdamailah dengan yg sudah terjadi, tugas kita adalah menjadikan besok tidak lebih buruk dari yang sudah terjadiUntuk tau kita benar ato salah, cek dengan org lain, sehingga tidak…

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Top 9 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Parama W. Danoesubroto, a friend of mine, recently shared a bit of his vast business-savviness. It’s great enough that I’d like to share it here, both with my future self and with you the cool person (yes! YOU) who read this blog. Extra-gladly he’s willing to license his ideas as Creative Commons (oh so geeky!)….